Beating Bitterness – Joel Osteen

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  1. One of ur best preachings SIR ! Not too fast talking, less gestures , less walking !! .
    JOB WELL DONE SIR ! GOD BLESS YOU MORE, we need your preachings !

  2. This is my daily church service, I sit down, with me bible and notebook to be nourished by God's scriptures,passed down spiritually through his anointed messenger_Joel Osteen.
    With Lots of Love from UAE

  3. I figure that if his words can uplift one soul in a world so damaging, he's moving mountains. I enjoy his sermens. He's a blessing to many. People have a limited mindset in this day and age. It's easy for others to judge.

  4. Just want to say a big thank you to Mr. Carl Ashley. I was a nobody until a friend of mine introduced you to me, since then it's been nothing but financial success for me. Mr. Carl is open to help anyone achieve financial success.


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