Authority Over Spiritual Storms — Rick Renner

If the wind and waves of life are beating against you, how do you stay afloat and make it to your final destination? Let Rick Renner help you with this question today! To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

Order the entire series “Overcoming Surprise Attacks in Your Life.”

Rick Renner’s book Dressed To Kill is considered by many to be a true classic on the subject of scriptural warfare. Order your copy today!


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  1. Thanks you took the beginning words right out of my mouth lost my cleaning business dropped so dangerously low & did not know what to do I think God had more for me, lost everything i owned except for a few Christian books and in a caravan. I believe the devils got to return it 7 fold

  2. Thankyou for filming in real locations, it brings the epistles to who another light and life. You are an amazing teacher, it’s a grace of God I found your ministry.


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