Archbishop Benson Idahosa: Raise the Dead

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Comment (37)

  1. Lord, I trust you that my dad is coming back to life now. It's not a thing incredible that you should raise the dead. God, you raise my dad from dead. Daddy, we have a celebration not a funeral in Jesus name, Amen

  2. Is he kidding me Prophet Elijah performed a miracle by raising the widows son. He said Elijah did not raise the dead. That is wrong wrong wrong wrong – I wish he was alive I would’ve corrected him. We should not just listen but study the WORD very important.

  3. I was skeptical until my father said he knew the bishop and a close friend of his actually was present when the bishop prayed for someone and they were raised from the dead.

  4. As i'm watching this message may my heart desire be granted and may God see me through, may my soul never remain the same for that says the lord, I receive the message and it's really in my heart forever, Amen.


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