Archbishop Benson Idahosa — If I Be A Man Of God

Archbishop Benson Idahosa (11 September 1938 – 12 March 1998)

Sermon: If I Be A Man Of God

If there was ever a message for our generation NOW, it would be this message from Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa. May the Lord awaken you to stand up for the Lord in this generation, and also declare boldly and with certainty “If I Be A Man Of God”.

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Comment (45)

  1. The crusade at Olubadan stadium in Ibadan with Arch Bishop Idahosa and Reinhard Bonke was awesome People we’re healed at their seats Eyes opened A man with kidney failure sitting in front of me was healed When he came back the last two days he was jumping, praising God

  2. This man was the undisputed icon of global penticostal movement. There were major pastors in Europe, America, Asia, Australasia etc BUT as far as I know, they never really took the gospel across their comfort zones. They remained in their geographical spaces. This man was the first (as far as I know) to take penticostal gospel around the globe. PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong…

  3. He was indeed a great man of God but he himself said he had finished everything God wanted him to do. When a man finishes his assignment, God takes him home so as not to fall into errors. Errors that can rubbish everything he has laboured to build for God.

  4. If there is any person who knows anyone using big titles like arc bishop, reverend etc then plz inform them not to use it anymore. Jesus know us by our work n our name not by the titles. Using these big titles will lead u to hell!! Amen.

  5. Faith is so powerful! Violent faith moves God. What a man who had it. LORD! Please help me to work YOUR Word on earth for Your Name to be glorified in my life in Jesus Mighty Name. Thanks for sharing this video.

  6. 8. You say: "The resurrection has already taken place!" You be cursed! "We do not lose Salvation so I can sin, it is the rewards that I will not have on earth but I am saved!" Cursed be the man from the mouth of whom such a word can come out! [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”] And since you should not have rewards on earth as in Heaven, then let him who gives you a tithe, an offering or any gift be cursed forever. [Ed: The congregation says, “Amen!”] You say, "I am baptized in the name of William Branham" you be cursed! You say, "I am Baptist," you be cursed! You say: "I am assembly of gods", you be cursed! You say, "I am Catholic", you be cursed! You see? "God be blessed, I followed a theological training …", you be cursed!

  7. Hallelujah! March of 1987…powerful. I was there…a life changing experience. Praise God for the time we had him on earth. Hallelujah for Holy Ghost power. Amen.


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