Apostle Dr Fredrick Price last moments before his death as narrated by his son Pastor Fred Price Jr

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  1. I’m sorry to tell you, but apostle Frederick Price Senior was a crook. He asked my grandma if she can give him $1000 because his wife wanted a rose Royce. Jesus said there will be many who come in my name, and this is the people who Jesus spoke of. There will be many false prophets. Be careful of who you follow, because they could somehow take advantage of you. Wolves in sheep‘s clothing.

  2. iAM NOW 60 YEARS OLD Thank you Pastor Fred K. Price Sr. for Teaching me about God & my way back home!! God Bless your Family. I Truly believe you are watching over us with Our Lord and Savior!! You was and always will be a Truly Blessed Man.

  3. Fond memories of hearing that Ever Increasing Faith intro to his television broadcast! Our family watched him faithfully. We will love and miss you sooooo much!! You contributed so much to the Body of Christ! I love you always. Rest in Power. Rest in the Arms of the Lord.

  4. I have forgiven all my enimies. He knew so much about me. I am impressed that he knew my mother and how I grew up in L.A. He knew I worked at a gold mine company when I heard him say I lost body parts. Either god or jesus revealed it to him. I thought it was the LAPD. I have never been convicted of any felonies and I served my country during two wars. Fred knew that?!
    The Creator told me to leave ccc. Now I know why. There is only One God the God of Isreal. The God of Abraham Issac and Jacob. Crocro is not alive. Its from another dimension. God, "I kill and I make alive. I wound and I heal." You have no power. Jesus is lucifier thats crucified christ. The star god. Which I worshipped at ccc. God said worship nothing on the earth, ocean and the stars. Nor anything that is a creation. I am not a believer in crucified christ. He is not with God, because he is not a man.

  5. Bismillah ( In the name of Allah ): Inna lillahee wa inna ilayhee ra’jeoon ( Surely we are from Allah ( God alMighty ) and to Him alone we shall return. ) None of us will ever be able to escape death. Peace.

  6. I,ve watched pastor Fred price since the 70,s. He has taught me so much. I,ve sent money to his ministry because I,ve gained so much from him. He was the greatest pastor i have ever heard. Rest in heaven Dr. Price, from robert Chatman.

  7. The title of this video is a bit misleading. The title says it will be about the last few minutes of Dr. Price life. But, the message seems to be more about the event leading up to that time. It even sounds like he was still alive for another two weeks. So, I'm confused. Was this indeed the final moments before Dr. Price made his final transition to be with the Lord?

  8. I am so sorry to hear Mr Price has passed away. I used to watch his services on BET UK all the time. I was a new Christian and he taught me about faith. I was fortunate to be able to visit Crenshaw Christian Centre in 2008 but he wasn’t preaching. I thank God for his life and that I found his service on the TV. I know he is happy with our Heavenly Father. I pray The Holy Spirit brings peace and comfort to his family and friends.


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  10. Dr. Price stood up to the Evangelicalism and the treatment of Black people by the Christian Church. At the time, he stood alone, while other prominent ministers turned their backs. He was well loved and will be truly missed. Rest in Power Dr. Price. Peace and blessings to the family.


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