Andrew's Live Bible Study: Something is Not Nothing – Jeremy Pearsons – March 5, 2019

Scripture brings real hope to real life! Whatever your situation might be, the Lord has a Word just for you that will bring you comfort and resolution. Join with believers from all over the globe during our LIVE Bible Study, and be inspired by God’s Word!


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  1. Brother Jeremy , the believer does not need to sow anything in order to receive anything from God. All the believer needs to do is to acknowledge every good thing in us in Christ Jesus. The believer gives out of generosity because that is our nature. The fruit of the spirit includes giving. We give to the propagation of the gospel and that's that. You cannot sow to receive healing , finances etc. All you will ever need is in Christ, in you . Philemon 6

  2. Do you believe in the true Gospel of Grace? Jesus Christ DIED for our sins; He was BURIED, and He ROSE AGAIN on the third day (1 Cor. 15:1-4). We are saved by GRACE through FAITH in the BLOOD atonement of Jesus Christ. Time as we know it is short, Jesus Christ is about to return to “rapture” or “catch up” ALL true believers in the Gospel. Trust, believe and accept in the blood atonement and finished work of Jesus Christ today!

  3. Moses walked up a mountain to see what he could see.. The Promised Land of Glory was all that he could see.. But The Lord made him to lay down at one hundred & twenty.. the next we hear about him is on the mount transfiguring.. & Elijah wanted to call down fire from Heaven on me.. & Moses wanted to slap me into another galaxy.. But Jesus stood up in the midst of us & didn't even cuss, but said, "Peace be among thee." And I rocked & I roared & I soared like never before.. I'd heard from the Lord in front of a threat & a sword.. & I knew Who was True has always been, always was & always will be.. His Name is Faithful & True to all those wondering or wandering through a crooked way; Jesus will make your way straight for His very own Names' Sake.. Wow! That's almost enough to make you want to say, "YEA! Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death; I will fear no evil.. " LMAO!

  4. What a Beautiful Chemistry here where 2 & more have come together in the Name of the Lord.. & there He is, there He is in the midst of them.. Look @ the poetry of motion between a few flowing in the Holy Ghost; I should say the Holy Ghost like the wind flowing in & through them raising such a standard.. Wow! Is anyone else listening?!

  5. I have to really apologize to you, Mr. Jeremy Pearson, for judging/criticizing you over the months, in the back of my head I did not want to hear from you @ all because of your youth, but when I heard you tonight bring fresh revelation of God's Word; Psalm 23 mixed w/ the fishes & the loaves, WoW. And everything you breathed was God inspired & you know this because we all have the same Spirit, so I already know you forgive me & I can't wait to see you again; prayed for you in such a Mighty Name.. ! That God will keep you like He kept Timothy Amen. Thank You all so much for Mondays & Tuesdays, my Friday & Saturday nights. "I don't always drink beer, but when I do.. It's on the weekend or better yet, my weak end.. So I guess I have a bunch of Jesus Freaks from Charis Bible College about to pray for me now.. Can't wait! Please & Thanks, Brothers & Sisters!

  6. Looking at have you have in light of what you need, what you have will look like nothing and

    If you look at what you need in the light of what you have, what you need will look like everything.

  7. The danger is, if you look at what you had in the light of what you needed and if all you ever do is look at what you have solely in the light of what you need then what you have will look like nothing.

  8. Previously I thought being baptised means being saved. Till today many people don't know the benefits of being saved here in this place where I am living. And I am teaching to my friends and my relatives. We are receiving the goodness of God. Thank God for andrew wommack. Amen


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