Andrew's Live Bible Study: Psalm 91 – Andrew Wommack – July 23, 2019

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The Topic for the Show is: “Psalm 91: Walking in today’s benefits.”

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Comment (42)

  1. Hello man of God and woman of God. I really enjoyed this teaching. Thanks for sharing and giving a better understanding of Psalms 91. Thank you a Jesus. I’m a #NewSister here. Looking for more videos. I’m still learning.

  2. Praise the Lord, I was ministring at this nursing home on this occasion, (years ago) and this guy in a wheelchair couldn't say Jesus, but once he got filled with the Holy Ghost (started speaking in tongues ) he could.Praise God!

  3. Dear Andrew Wommack Ministry
    Where can I send prayer request to? (I'm from Switzerland but currently in Spain)
    Thank you so much for uploading these videos, they have a huge impact on my life.

  4. Psalm 91 is one of my favorites. I try to live by it. Thank you Andrew for this teaching. It was awesome.

    For the person that asked the question about not being able to SAY the Words because of not being able to physically speak. How about WRITING the words? Wouldn't that work? God knows our limitations (before healing is manifested to us) and as long as we have faith to BELIEVE, I think perhaps we can use whichever means we do have to acquire the promises of God. I believe that writing the word of God to claim our promises would do just as well if we cannot physically speak it. I will really like to know what Andrew thinks about this

  5. Hey guys I have been following AWM for more than 3 years now, God bless this ministry I benefited a lot …recently I obtained 47 disciple courses and I have few questions …what is the basic difference between salvation by grace and righteousness by grace according to Luke 18.

  6. Regarding the first question: I agree on being persecuted through words but physical persecution? Not possible for someone like me who stand on the Truth of God's Word and the Authority God gave me to exercise with my tongue (which you taught me Andrew! )

  7. Just want to share a little amazing protection from listening to this video yesterday. I was about to leave for a meeting, which was a meeting with other two tutors and the lecturer at uni for the first time, so the meeting was to prepare for the first tutorial, and would be the first time four of us meet each other. The meeting was 12:00 noon. In fact, in the email, the lecturer only said "noon", because he is from US. We are in Australia here. So the word "noon" stood out on my mind, we don't use noon to describe time here, would say 12. Before i left, I just made myself something to eat, and watched a part of this video. And when Andrew read out Psalm 91, the word "noonday" grabbed my attention. So I thought about "destruction that wasteth at noonday", I prayed for protection from this since i was going to have this meeting at noon. And guess what, I had the most craziest meeting ever in life. The new lecturer was from LA, US, only join this uni in July. The meeting lasted for 3 hours, we went into at 12, came out at 3pm. We did not go through the first week material, instead, three of us tutors were interrogated by him about 20 questions each to know each other, had to start from our hometown, explain our whole life etc. And then we were quizzed with all sort of random questions he pulled out his head about statistics, the questions were beyond the content of the unit, and just crazy….. so basically he wanted to establish his authority, and make us feel inferior. One of the girl felt stupid and quite shaken up by all of that. And it did not work on me at all….because i have God with me!!!! God protected me spiritually and emotionally….I just saw the whole thing as funny, and wasted 3hrs time, but I wasn't shaken by his silly strategy of putting us down at all. I was sitting there, looking at the lecturer and the other two tutors, and thought I am with three non-believing sleeping people who doesn't know the truth. I believe Lord showed me this video to prepare me for what was coming my way!!!! The word "wasteth" I didn't understand at the time, now to look back, that was exactly what happened, we wasted three hours at noonday, and the whole time was destructive!!!! Thank you Lord, to deliver this message and protection through Andrew!!!! Walk with God's word it amazing!!!!!

  8. I love the 91st Psalm.
    No evil shall befall me, no plague shall come nigh MY dwelling. I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust. I speak those verses over myself whenever I need it. Thank You Father God that You are my shield and protection. Amen. Awesome lesson AWM.

  9. Has anyone noticed the new fad of starting every single sentence with SO?? caught on like tattoos. No big deal I just think it's interesting how people are so quick to mimic.
    Just an observation.☺

  10. Why is there 20 minutes of nothing in every broadcast? Just think how much money you could save on 80 minutes a month!! That's two 40 minute programs.
    Money better spent don't you think??

  11. It has been years since I’ve been able to hear you. I had to cancel my tv service years ago because I live on my SSD since the death of my husband. And a few days ago (still learning YouTube) and I was led to search your name. I’m now watching your lessons on “A Better way to Pray” and learned of your weekly lessons on Tuesday nights. Glad I found you. ❤️ praise your ministry!


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