Andrew's Live Bible Study: Andrew Wommack – May 5, 2020

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Comment (21)

  1. What do you do when you've shown kindness and patience and shared information but people shut their ears to the truth and continue to do things that are causing harm to the church, the country, the world? How would you show love to Nancy Pelosi, Andrew? Do we just walk away knowing they are causing harm??? Is allowing the destruction of our nation "love?"

  2. Thank you Andrew Womack now starting may 18, 2020 daily bible study. I am excited about online bible study since our churches are shut down.God bless you both.

  3. I agree with most of the teaching about God's love and grateful for this video. But, while listening the story about devastated father and his paralyzed daughter, I hoped to hear the testimony of her being healed (better with a video as an evidence for non believers, as some healing preachers do in Africa). Could loving God also heal that girl, of course yes, why He didn't?

  4. This was much meaningful to me.

    Last night I saw a testimony of a person who radically experienced God's love & understanding of Him, he was radically transformed… And there I went into envy, got so sad thinking why am is it not likewise in my life too. Why is my progress so slow? Why isn't God giving me His experiential love & transform me when I so long for it. Why am I not healed completely, why is it taking long in my case? I am not thinking that He is holding out on me, I think it's just me who isn't getting it or maybe not there yet to receive. I don't know what.

    However, this helped me when Carrie & Andrew talked about "love doesn't envy"… Yes Carrie I was thinking "why don't I have?"… I will believe that God has Blessings for me and I will trust that.

    Also, about God is not frustrated with me touched my heart as well.

    I thank God to lead this Bible study talking all that you talked today.


  5. Your getting these calls because people are suffering and they are looking for you to help. People will lose there homes and everything they have spent a lifetime creating.
    They are going to be torn thinking that they must hold on there by showing their faith all the while the bank is about to foreclose. The devastation hasn't even started and the banks will win and more people will be on the street. No books no amount of imagination is going to change that……

  6. Love these bible studies but Carrie needs to slow down and not ramble on so fast, I’m an elderly woman and just can’t keep up with what she’s saying when she’s talking so fast, I know they are on a time limit but when Andrew talks he talks in a more relaxed way and I can follow him much better

  7. After renewed and born again. I started being less angry. And reminders like these we need to show Godd love to others through us. Thankyou Andrew and Carrie.


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