Andrew Wommack: You've Already Got It – Week 1 – Session 1

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  1. Personal question to Andrew about verses in Ephesians about "'He blessed us"…Question like that…Paul wrote this message to Ephesian Church in that way as "you have" or "God already blessed us"…So why Andrew speaks that it's to us also, if the message for Ephesians? Why there are no same words in New Testament to another churches at his time? Why we can't find the same words in another Paul's messages? And more questions this way…Why when Paul wrote "he blessed US" (maybe "us" like blessing touched only apostle's people?) he explained word ''us" like Andrew and Paul is the same? Why there's no message to ALL future believers and to next generations? Maybe Paul meant apostles only and those who knew Christ personally? Maybe Paul knew Ephesian's believers personally in practican way so "blessed as"' is fact of knowing them personally but not what Andrew is talkibng about? Maybe it was not the promicing and declararion type verse for all believers in future but only describing the fact of knowing Ephesian's believers personally in practical way of knowing Christ's responsibility for HIS words? How do you like it? Why you not speaking about full context in historical perspective, if you KNOW personally (but not only believe) that New Testament is historical book? And it's not a book OF Ehesians, but message TO Ephesian believers from Paul!

  2. Has?aby?of?ylu ever?had?a?serious?health problem that you?just?overcame by?ignoring?the?symptoms.??gas?any?ofcyou?ever had?serious?emphema and?you?just ignored?thexsymptoms?such as?loss of conciousness due
    To oxygion deficit to justcgo out and?run ten miles?

  3. My 2nd wife watched this guy all the time. She would not go tje doctor to see why she was losing so much weight. She finally had a severe pain when she picked up a gallon of paint. She had stage 4 cancer. She believed she would be healed. She died. Probably she died from a complication tohaving a hip replacememt 4 days before she died. Doctors tend to try to get as much work they can get out of people
    She had taken her computer with her to begin a book she had wanted to start on
    She had no plan to die. She was sure she?would be healed. I do not know what the determination is made from but it appears that everybody does not get healed every time.. Also every time somebody dies?does not i dicate?the?person who died was a nonbeliever.. She was certainly a believer. Now I am married to someone else. She needs to?be healed from a stroke. she has been i. a?nursing home for a stroke that happened on november 17 2018 i need healing too?from?emphesema?and have symptomes of other very serious illnesses.i believe God can heal but the?question i have is?how do?I get Him to?do that. All I get from people is?that if you do not get. Healed its because?of?unbelief
    I?was?asked?not to?come to church before necause I am on oxygen and that church?taught that All Christians are?healed?every time
    So?if someone would answer thiswould be grateful. It is?one thing to?say?YOU ALREADY?HAVE YOUR HEALINF when You have no disease. I KNOW that?Gods?healing system?is?buolt?in the?humam?body and people contract and are healed from cancer thousands of times in their lives. i would like to knowif I should just ignore the emphesema and take off on a ten mile run Again my second wife ignored the cancer quoting those same scriptures but she did die and still had the cancer. Someone show me how to apply this.

  4. In an advertisement for your book "You've already got it", the book summary contains this statement: "God's already done all he's going to do for you." Now I know that he does not mean it in this exact way, but it still creates this impression in my mind. It makes me imagine myself crying out to the Father and saying "God I'm in pain, I feel really sick and I need you to help me," and him crossing his arms and sitting back and saying "Sorry, you're outta luck, I've already done all I'm going to do for you, my part is done, you're on your own now." Please clarify that this isn't what he means.

  5. GOD has done it, i draw the reality of what Christ did on the cross into this sitation. Situation you are solved by the blood of christ.

  6. Powerful teaching, powerful series. Just recently ordered the book. Uploaded the series from the site to my Ipod. God Bless you brother Andrew for your Bold scriptural teaching.


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