Andrew Wommack: The Power of Faith Filled Words – Week 1 – Session 1

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  1. Hello! What is the difference between this teaching about power of words and the law of attraction?? Because I believe LOA is occult and this teaching seems to be very similar to LOA?

  2. It's very true. Evil company can vex you, pastors daughter was living a double life and I didn't know,was trying to help her and ended up losing my family

  3. I dnt understand how people can give thumbs down on this teaching..this teachings are powerful and awesome ..ever since I've been listening to Andrew teachings my faith been growing..praise God

  4. What a Powerful & Anointed series! I only recently discovered brother Wommack through the BVOVN. Some Christian friends highly recommended this ministry to me many months ago, but I never got around to listening, until, I started watching the BVOVN. God Bless you brother Wommack. Love your ministry and teaching.


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