Andrew Wommack – THE GLORY OF GOD (anointed preaching teaching sermon)

Watch this powerful sermon by pastor and author Andrew Wommack. Andrew Wommack is the pastor of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado Springs. Charis Bible College has undergone massive transformation and deep revival over the past ten years. This teaching by Andrew Wommack is sure to change your life and draw you deeper in revelation, knowledge, and intimacy with the Father.

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  1. Tithing first fruits and 10% is old testament Jewish law. Where in the new testament are we commanded to pay 10%? Do you pick and choose which laws? You say yourself, Andrew, that we are under Grace and not under the law. So which one is it?
    As Believers, we now give as The Spirit directs, as near as I can find in the new testament, and not under any law. Are we under Grace, or the Law? Pick and choose is not an option. Before you blast and/or curse me, look it up. I would like a new testament Biblical answer, please.

  2. My best friend and co-member of the ministries that we are involved in our church died last March 23 after being diagnosed of stage four pancreatic cancer less than two months before her death, and I was so devastated. All of the sudden, I was attacked too of sudden pain in my body that lead me to walk-in to my doctor's clinic. I have to go through several laboratory and diagnostic tests and at the same time I also tried to strengthen my faith for my healing. It was at that time that I happened to come across the messages of Pastor/Teacher Andrew Wommack about healing and I was moved to listen up to the very end of his message. Since then, I have been listening to all his other messages and it truly enriched my spiritual life. His method of teaching is different compared to the common preaching/teaching that I do usually hear. I believe, it is because his messages are out of divine revelation he received straight from the heart of God. Without watering it down, he boldly shared it through his messages and those who hunger and thirst for more of God received it with joy as an ice breaker that all of the sudden, a surge of enlightenment flash in to our hearts and soul. As it ministered to me strongly, I started sharing it to my sisters in church and to my family especially to those who are personally or their loved ones suffering from cancer. I encouraged them to continuously listen to your messages to build up their faith the way as you have taught us. It's working and it changes life.
    My lab tests are all negative except with the issue of osteoporosis and the cataract that attacks my eyes. I do not own it and believing for a total healing and restoration, in Jesus name. Amen!
    Hoping to attend one of your conferences in the near future.
    God bless you and your whole ministry's staff and be strong to continue your good work. Amen!

  3. Thank God for Brother Wommack-he is one of the very few who really tells it like it is. He pulls no punches and speaks plain. And he is Spirit filled. God Bless him Jesus.

  4. I am soooooooo in agreement with you Susan. I have heard so much negativity about him but I ignore it ! Because I know his teachings are from the Word of God and that is all that matters ! God bless Andrew and Jamie and the Ministry !

  5. This man's teaching has literally helped to transform my life. I praise Jesus for him and his allowing God to use him so much. To God be the glory.

  6. Andrew, Thank you so much for this teaching!!! Thank you for your faithful teaching of the Word. Hallelujah for the Word that we need to be grounded in the Word and let it take root and to forget the fear of man( just not having a high opinion of what others think of you, only worry about God). The idea that you will be persecuted if you stand for truth and if you are not being persecuted, then you are not doing something right rings right and is a reassuring thing. This rings true for a situation where I have been standing on truth of scripture and receiving persecution within the church. I love what you say about forget defending yourself as this is Satan's way of getting your focus off the Word and doing what the Lord calls you to. I think I had fallen into this and this gives me the focus of letting the Lord defend me and realizing that if I am standing for truth, it will be offensive to those who are not following scripture and if persecution comes I can simply know I am on the right track.

  7. Something seems off here. He says at 17:54: "You've got to recognize that inflictions and persecutions are from the devil and you've got to stand against them." That might all be very true. But then somehow giving Christians who are undergoing inflictions and persecutions a bad note for not standing against them well enough, does not line up with the Bible. There we see countless inflictions and persecutions upon the early church and the first apostles. Many died then, during all of history and still today for their faith and that was actually foretold by Jesus. That is the epitome of inflictions and persecutions. In John chapter 21 we read that Jesus prophecies how the apostle Peter is going to die. It literally says in verse 19: "Jesus said this to indicate the kind of death by which Peter would GLORIFY God." Why not tell him instead to 'just resist' it? Because according to this teaching, that is what Peter should have done. History tells us that he was crucified too, head down. That is a lot of inflictions and persecutions! But somehow I think Peter didn't get a bad note from Jesus for this. Nor do all the others get a bad note from Jesus. He won't be saying: "Well, that was pretty stupid of you. You should have resisted more." So I think it is not very wise to point fingers to people, who are undergoing inflictions and persecutions in any way or form. It is hard enough on them already. They prayed, they believed, maybe even better than most of you guys. Yet, they were not always delivered. Even often they are not. Such teaching as this claims they are flawed Christians: ignorant, sinning, unwilling to repent of something or plain dumb. But no, that is often not the case. But here we go again as the 3 'friends' of Job, sending him on a guilt-trip. You do know that God was angry with those men, don't you? You do know that Job had to pray for these men, who had played the guild-card on him without cause, don't you? It is the devil we must resist, it is sin we must resist. For the rest we may pray to get delivered, but many will lose a lot because of their faith in relations, money, earthly things, health and even life. God will reward them accordingly.

  8. Ideal,sorry,Paul did not ask for healing,he asked that the messenger of Satan be removed,and if you follow Andrew you will see that he believes that the messenger was a heckler of some sort,sent by the Devil to disrupt Pauls ministry which was growing at an alarming rate.

  9. I thank God for Andrew Wommack and annointed teachings which blesses me so much and I am able to understand the word of God so clearly. Awesome man of God!

  10. It is tough on kids in different ways. There are killer narcotics available to kids at a very young age. Others have had it tougher in other ways, but there's no denying the unique danger for young people.

  11. Biblical people suffer illness? Yes. Look up the following for a reminder. Galatians 4:13, Philippians 2:25-27, 1Timothy 5:23 and 2Timothy 4:20. We cannot put our focus just on the verses related to healing that we like and say that God always heals and ignore the scriptures that show clearly He does sometimes say no. We must look at the Bible as a whole to fully understand God’s sovereign will in this area.
    Does God always heal when asked? No! An outstanding example of this is Paul. In 2Corinthians 12:7-9 we have Paul’s account of his infirmities. Paul asked three times that he be healed, and the Lord told him, “No.” God told Paul why he said no and it was definitely not due to inadequate faith.

  12. Andrew is the very best there is.I can't understand why people are so critical.Especially about money.He takes an offering for the work needed to further the Gospel.Why are people who no virtually nothing so critical?Andrew gives most of his own income away and lives in a modest home.It is not fitting to be so disrespectful to a man who deserves more honour than this.Lives are being changed by this ministry.Judge by the wonderful fruit.I thank God for him.I wish people would stop fault finding.The ministry has grown because God's hand is upon him.I hope much,much more money comes in that is needed because it will help fund the necessary projects God has lined up that will reach so many more people.We ought to thank God for such wonderful people of God,and I do.Complainers and fault finders know nothing,nobody wants to listen to them.Next to Andrew,they know very,very little.God Bless Andrew,and all christian brothers and sisters,lets grow in love and understanding.

  13. I can see why people still don't understand Andrew Wommack' teaching, it's because we are used to have many preachers on tv talking too much about money for their own benefit; unfortunately that is true. But Andrew Wommack doesn't fit into that category. If you watch His other video from Tithes , it might be clear to you. What he teaches is the absolute truth, and I have proven myself, I became a partner of his ministry recently, because of the amount of understanding about finances . I learned from him that GOD is my source, not my job, not myself but GOD. I recommend to all of you, who are taking the time to write a negative opinion, to listen and watch more of his videos, over and over, because you aren't understanding because the Devil has stolen the word from you and you didn't even noticed it. And the revelation of God is given to you by revelation and if you aren't understanding, you must look for God's help because the Devil is dominating your mind and you still don't know it! You are in big trouble in this life people.
    I have proven with my own money, what he teaches is the TRUTH! I just became a partner with his ministry, because he gives a lot of teaching for FREE , podcast, on Charis Bible College are tons of FREE teaching. I have not just being blessed by being healed from asthma; and being financially blessed, like I've never been before and I know that it's just the beginning for me. Because the reason why God empowers us to get wealth, it's to bless others and God's kingdom. Deut 8:18.
    God gave me in one week, 1/4 of my year production. And that it's a big number for a lot of people. God is empowering me to get wealth, so I can give more to HIS kingdom, and that is awesome!
    I was a Baptist for 35 years and never learned how much God loves me, never learned or understood the full revelation of GOD's GRACE. I was full of religion, but zero understanding and very judgmental of others. Until I got a hold of Andrew Womack's ministry, which changed my life, it opened my understanding and I got the full revelation of everything JESUS CHRIST has done for me 2000 years ago, and I didn know about it . He teaches the Bible in a very simple way, if you don't agree with him, you had the Word stolen from you . Most of his teaching you need to listen several times and read in the Bible what he is teaching about it, he is always telling which book, chapter and verse, look at yourself and pray before you start watching the videos, pray to God to open your understanding and reveal God's Word to you. God did it for me, HE can do for you also. But don't allow the Devil keep blinding you and preventing you of being the happiest perso you ever dreamed in your life. The best years of my life, it has been for the last 2 years that I have been into his teaching. I watched the video with his wife interview, and she is just so adorable , who stands by his side and works with him in the entire ministry. There are many great teaching that they give away FOR FREE, if you are willing to give the devil a black eye! I did it ! and I'm so glad because I have the authority and the power over the devil I dare you!!!!

  14. @Christine Garland there is nothing wrong with d way he took d offering b4 he started d sermon proper. He spent over 1 hour preaching and less than 5 minutes on d offering that's d real point! If u are out to judge people then be reasonable in ur judgement – that's y d only true judge is God. I don't know AW from Adam but he's sure one of d finest men of God around these days. Try to be less critical of others I'm sure u ain't perfect anyway. It pains that d supposed children of God are d most judgemental! #Pharisees & Saducees

  15. A bit confused you passed the offering plate to meet hour needs and of your building then proceeded to teach on the kingdom of God, on seeking that first. God wants us blessed but loving him, meeting the needs of his people has to be first. Can you see where your truth is being polluted by money, supply??? God Bless you in love & wisdom.


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