Andrew Wommack: The Believer's Authority – Week 1 – Session 1

Like it or not, every one of us is in a spiritual war. God is for us, and the devil is against us. The one we cooperate with is the one who will control us. You can’t be discharged from the service in this war, and ignorance of its extent only aids the enemy. The enemy loves to work covertly, using his only weapon, deception. In this teaching, Andrew exposes this war and the enemy for what he is.


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  1. Where can I find your healing school? I want to take courses but I’m not a kid anymore is it too late for me to do such a thing? I have always felt since I was a child GOD has a calling on my
    Life regarding healings bc its been on my heart since I was like 4-5 years old!! I use to see ppl with missing limbs , blind , deaf etc & it really bothered me even at that age bc I knew we have a GOD that can heal them & how they shouldn’t be suffering in such conditions when all they had to ask GOD!!

  2. This truth of this critical teaching has been hidden and obfuscated by the enemy in order to keep the Body complacent and weak. So important that we move to a new corporate level of rhema in this teaching’s power.

  3. My connect group at church is starting this book soon and I love it so far! I love how you speak truth and aren’t afraid to do so. Thank you for teaching this important truth

  4. People don’t realize that as Christians we have authority from the throne of God! Because Christ went to the father, we now have authority from the throne of God!

  5. This is soooo important ! Even myself , who has been going thru so many things lately and bc I was so focused on the circumstances and people that I was blinded and didn't use my authority ….I knew this ! God placed this teaching before me today !


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