Andrew Wommack: Hardness Of Heart – Week 1 – Session 1

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  1. Hello, have just been telling on another site with this teaching on how God has been first giving me dreams about hardness of heart altho' i didn't understand what that meant. Then how i was listening to a tape and 'heard' the disciples hearts were hardened thru unbelief, then i found these teachings. I am so grateful for God's leading on this. I'm asking for prayer for unbelief and everything else i will need to come out of this way of thinking. I also had a dream about a college and wonder if i should join your on line bible college please also pray for wisdom about this please. Thank you so much. I just wanted to say how grateful i am for Andrews transparency sometimes a minister can appear so perfect it seems impossible to follow what he says so thank you for that too. God bless.

  2. I love this teaching!!!!!
    And have decided to see to it that God helps me to change my heart. What really impresses me is Andrew's generosity in giving away the material!

  3. My heart is sensitive to the Holy Spirit at times then the next day it gets hardened again and its just on and off. Im not sure how to control it or how it happens

  4. What if you became born again but your heart became hard again through sin. Is it even possible to soften it again. I know God gives us a new heart but I’m certain he’s already done that for me. Is there any hope ?

  5. Brothers and sisters let's purpose to grow n allow the Lord to shape those distinctive n sharp gifts in our lives so we may as well be consistently useful in the body of Christ just as the Lord has been able to do in n thru Andrew Wommack

  6. I really wish that your bible college was closer to where I live.. East Sussex U.K. I listen to your broadcast every day. I spent 4 days a t your Walsall teaching seminar back in 2009 and wanted to be part of an ongoing teaching, but I am too far from you..


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