Andrew Wommack: God Wants You Well – Week 1 – Session 3

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  1. I have heard so many wrong teachings about healing, tongues and God in general. I even had one individual tell me God wants us to suffer and Jesus didn't heal everyone; which goes against so many scriptures. Watching Andrews teaching have dissolved any doubt

  2. Im still waiting for him to actually teach something. Ive seen 3 of these in the series. Yes I know his intention and saw the testimonies but where are the actual instructions? Are we supposed to buy something? I thought it was free.

  3. I wish it would`nt be necessary to convince and convince and convince people about this facts. It should be obvious for every believer in Christ. – probably we need more praying and fasting

  4. IGNORANCE, UNBELIEF… in the pulpits and in our own homes/lives hinders us obtaining revelation knowledge. Fasting, praying in the Holy Ghost, Worship (privately at home), reading the Word, (stick with the New Testament primarily) and meditating what God reveals to you. We are not to go to church meetings like baby birds expecting to be fed ONLY at church but we must do the things at home i mentioned above as well. Andrew Wommack is the only other Minister i will listen to besides the teaching i receive at my local church.

  5. "If ministers do not demonstrate the supernatural power of God, then don't listen to them." What frustrates me is my Pentecostal church, which seldom preaches healing, has some success with healing (2 cancers healed in a month, but many cancers not healed and many in our church are dying prematurely, even children) but ONLY THE MINISTERS EVER ADMINISTER HEALING. And they don't really teach you to do it, and they never do any training. (You have to be one of the elite.) In light of Mark 16, I find this extremely frustrating. Having raised five children and being 57, I had umpteen opportunities to lay hands on the sick–my children, husband, and self–and I've seen VERY LITTLE success (to which my pastor could only respond, "Well you don't know that they weren't healed faster than if you hadn't prayed for them." Uhm, I think with all the information today I know about normal heal times:/ I've listened to so many hundreds of hours of Curry Blake et al (just discovered Andrew Wommack, whom I deeply appreciate for putting these videos up for free view). I wonder if many of us need deliverance from evil binding spirits: this is another thing I never see in churches: exorcisms. If casting out demons was normal in Jesus day, and per Mark 16, shouldn't we all be doing the same? I also wonder if a lot of the sicknesses we suffer from in church are because "we fail to discern the body of Christ :" only the ministry "can" administer healing (kind of an unspoken rule). I mean, EVERYTHING is pulpit to audience; even "share groups" are nothing but Bible studies: you listen to me teach you something, and maybe if we have time I'll answer a question or two–another point in case of pulpit to audience on a smaller level.)

  6. Heavenly Father Abba thru Jesus Christ, One Loving Lord and Savior, thank you for the wisdom-knowledge anointed message about divine-healing with bless divine-health. We can worship with praise, honor and Glory to Heavenly Father God Jesus Christ always received God abundant love and blessings to goodness and quality of living and life. Amen.

  7. PLEASE show a video of someone obviously getting healed, an amputee getting an arm or leg restored. Something. How about one of the people that was raised from the dead? let's see some of this. I know you have video equipment. Understand that I am trying to believe that God always wants people well, but it is hard after my wife just died 13 days ago after hundreds of people were praying for her to be healed. I didn't think about laying hands on her for her to be healed. i could not get in touch with her pastor for 9 days. He wouldn't go to the trouble to go see her in the hospital. I mean this woman did it all right, and she was a firm believer in Andrew Wommack and all that he says. I am asking if there is any provable healing on video. There should be something obvious on video if there are people on video telling about miracles. If it is true, then please show something on video.

  8. God bless Andrew Wommack, his family and his entire ministry!  I have learned sooooo much from him.  He is radical BUT he needs to be because the body of Christ is in the dark.  Andrew is shedding much light through Jesus……amen!!!!!!


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