Andrew Wommack: God Wants You Well – Week 1 – Session 1

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  1. I thank you for speaking “fanatic for Jesus” Now it’s two of us. I’ve been speaking this fanatic for Jesus for 39 yrs and still in good health to date. In 3 mths I’ll be 68 yrs old. Praise God.

  2. I’ve been healed of ovarian/uterine issues through these messages. Suffered for almost a year with pains and a grim prognosis! Now believing for my mom’s sight to be restored. Speaking the same truth that I spoke over my ovaries. Please take these messages as literal as you can. It works!!!

  3. This is such a great teaching and the Merci Santos testimony if perfect for describing how to believe for healing in ourselves. Both this series and the 2018 God wants you Well series are powerful and are helping me so much. Thank You.

  4. The good news-The Gospel is about the Kingdom of God Now Here, That was all JESUS EVER PREACHED ABOUT. He said of myself I can do nothing, The Father does the work. Always He gave Glory to Our Father,even when He rose from the dead, what He talked about was The Kingdom of Heaven. Is anyone searching for the Kingdom now ? Nope all you hear is about the free pass to go to Heaven After You Die. Healing is Now Here, The Kingdom is Now Here, The sermon on the mount shows you how to get in.

  5. This feels like marketing strategy. If he wants to deliver that message, why doesn't he just say them in the video where everyone can access them?

  6. Well, the holly spirit has just reminded me to share my testimony with you andrew Womack ministries on this sermon of “God wants you well”. I’m in Africa Tanzania, Kilimanjaro region. Last year after watching this sermon on dstv, daystar channel, i remember Andrew emphasized on speaking out loud the scripture that said “i shall not die, i shall live & declare the works of the LORD”. On the same year there was this elderly man who is our family friend had 3 stomach cancer operations. After the third one the situation didn’t get better so he was admitted for another operation, which was delayed almost 3 times because he was not fit for operation. The day we wen’t to visit him, i shared with him the same scripture while he was laid on bed with catheters & a lot of nutrition drips and other types of drips. I told him to speak out that he shall not die, he shall live & declare the works of the LORD. He spoke it out, declared it & hallelujah the scripture manifested to the extent he was fit for the operation & came out of theatre room declared how great are the mighty works of the LORD through speaking out his word of LIFE. In the name of JESUS I PRAISE MY LORD, MY YAHWE, MY SAVIOR LORD JESUS FOR THE WAY HE WORKS THROUGH THIS MINISTRY, as it is written in Ephesians 3:20. I declare blessings and expansion of this ministry to the whole remote corners of the world because the truth of Jesus that flows through this ministry is life giving, life changing & life transforming.

  7. Hi, I have a question for you. I understand that Andrew and many faith preachers teach that our faith is what will help manifest the healing that Jesus has bought for us. And that it is God’s will that we be healed because we were already healed. But i read this in Philippians 2:27-28 about Epaphroditus being sick near death. “Indeed he was ill, and almost died. But God had mercy on him, and not on him only but also on me, to spare me sorrow upon sorrow.” Why didnt Paul, who delivered and healed people in Acts do the same for Epaphroditus? He could have laid hands on Epaphroditus and commanded healing upon him. If Paul didnt have faith who would? He even said God was merciful to Epaphroditus so he didnt die. So does this not imply that whether one is healed or not healed is really in the hands of God? I am rather confused. Thanks.

  8. I believe " by his stripes I'm Healed." Why hasn't my healing manifested? They diagnosed me with ALS but Jesus is bigger than anything. Help me please. By his stripes I was healed.

  9. I was in a church that taught faith & mericles. The teachings changed as the leadership changed. All the signs & wonders stoped because faith was not taught in it's debt as before. It has been so hard to find a church that believes in healing.

  10. So.. 2 of my sons have been "diagnosed" type 1 diabetics. I believe they are being healed but nothing is changing!? Lord give me more belief! I have the faith it will happen… Please pray for us that it leaves IN JESUS NAME!!! Lord help US!

  11. My name is marlon pls pray for me to be filled with hope and be completely heal from asthma and never come back to my whole life and whole body forever

  12. Andrew I know this is a lot to ask But could I get you to pray for healing for my face with sickness took my muscle and my fat and nearly killed me but I have recovered but I’m having trouble with the manifestation of my face it’s very hard for a women and it’s hurt me terribly deeply I believe and I will not give up thank you sir

  13. I watched this morni g for bible study and it turned into being insulted because I'm on. disability and welfare? I pray everyday every night I do what I'm supposed to . Your judging……oops Andrew womack….

  14. You are better off praying for God to give you faith to receive a healing than to ask to be healed.
    God already paid for your healing and he offers it freely we just don't know how to have faith to receive it. If you don't have faith the Bible says let him without faith not receive anything!!

  15. As a christian growing up seeing christians fall sick and die…all these life experiences made me believe that it's God's will for that to happen and that He does not heal every christian even though I was not convinced becos I read about Jesus healing every single one who came to Him, never rejecting them, focused a lot on healing and His disciples did the same. The journey to seek the truth truly started when I myself was diagnosed with cancer. I thank God for using cancer to make me seek knock and find because now I know that what I used to believe is right from hell. It's God's will for us to stay healthy and for Him to heal. If we do fall sick, it's because of our lifestyle choices and going out from under his cover (Ps 91:1)(Pro 4:20-22) As parents, we would never want to deliberately poison our children to teach them a lesson even if they are doing something against what we teach, would we? And if they fall sick due to disobeying our instructions, would we not try our best to make them well? God loves us more than we love ourselves or our children! Thank you Andrew, Joseph Prince, Derek Prince, Graham Cooke and many more wonderful teachers of God for your work to show me God's truth! Amen!

  16. Andrew, I appreciate your sincere words on being a good stewardship. l love the book you send me, on how to trust God with the money He blesses us with. By givening on to those that may have a need. How wonderful it is to know that I can give where I feel conformally and not guilty on my giving. Thank you Andrew, you just made a new partner for the church.

  17. It's not just about faith,it's about believing in the heart,The father of the possessed boy said to Jesus  "Lord,I believe,help my unbelief "

  18. PLEASE Andrew Wommack, answer this: My wife was believing for healing, also i was believing it, hundreds of people were believing for her to be healed, but she died. I would like to know if you believe that people that pray for days for someone to be healed, and they die, then those people that prayed so long for healing, just didn't believe? If they didn't have faith, why did they pray for so long?

  19. Thank you for putting this teaching online! I just bought the DVD set for my elderly aunt for Christmas, (she has no access to computers)  and she called me yesterday telling me she's loving it. She never saw Andrew before and loves his teaching style and his teaching. So now I'm watching this particular teaching for the first time myself, and I appreciate it being made available online so I can watch it for free. Thank you!


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