Andrew Wommack: Financial Stewardship: What Is A Steward – Week 1, Session 1

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  1. It's usually the small percent of any church or ministry that funds the majority of it. On Andrew's last part, I understand what he's saying, but he doesn't know that the people who are giving just a little are giving in their own home churches as well. But I do understand his point, and am watching this because I really need a revelation on giving. So I' here to learn.

  2. l feel disillusioned…why God don't care about my financial blessing to my life so not to struggle anymore? yes I pray and prophesy including asking for opportunity…yet I'm broke…I'm not happy

  3. Just listened to this entire series over the past couple days, uploaded mp4's to my laptop and now going back through again. The more I listen, the more revelation I am getting to TRUST GOD for my finances – tithe and sow first, and then pay bills. God Bless you brother Andrew for this Anointed teaching!


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