Andrew Wommack Atlanta GTS Session 1 Using Your Imagination

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  1. Pastor I don't understand some believers say that he need to just wait on God. And only what he says that only I will do. How to answer these believers that God has already blessed them

  2. God is souvereign. No question about it. What you are teaching is heresy. Jesus said there will be false teachers in the last days. They don't teach what God wants them to teach, and still, they can say whatever they want. How about that?

    I believed this false teaching for a long time. For years I imagined a lot of things for my life…e.g. that I'm thin…but despite my strong imagination of it plus a lot of different diets, I'm still fat. And that's just one thing.

    I don't agree with you. But I don't hate you! That was a rude thing to say and it is certainly not true.

  3. Raw gospel truth without a mixture of religion! You go Andrew, thank you for taking the heat of letting Jesus use your body to continue to get the good news out to the world! May he continue to bless you….Betty brooks

  4. What a POWERFUL message. I just read the book and now listing to Andrew. It really helped me to change my imagination. I know it will be a process, but man!!!!!! I'm excited about it. The most awesome thing in my life currently, is that I can see my wife growing with me in the spirit and even my 9 year old son spoke in tongues at our Sunday school, so I'm trying to keep it alive with him. Man, why did it take so long to receive the truth in my life, but luckily its never to late. Blessings to you all!!!!!!

  5. People are criticizing you because of your heresies!

    We are never promised health wealth or happiness this side of Heaven, in fact we are promised suffering and persecution;

    2 Corinthians 12:9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
    10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.

    This man is lying to you!

  6. That’s why people without imagination are often living their lives buying the latest trends and be worldly because they need other’s imagination in the form of following trends to make them feel alive.

  7. I just returned home from surgery and was already watching Andrew Wommack, today's episode, and my cell phone was propped against my leg in my lap, and it turned on ( fingerprint protected) and started playing Andrew in a different "sermon"? And I don't believe in coincidence. I believe God wants me to listen to this one.

  8. Speaking in tongues is the least of the gifts of the spirit. You were great until you got to this part because it is not biblical. The apostles spoke and the gentiles heard and understood them in their own language. The bible tells us to go into our closet and pray in silence and if you don't know what to pray for the spirit intercedes with groans to deep for words. It is about a heart to heart with God it has nothing to do with making a noise because that is a ploy of the devil to clog up the air waves and stop you hearing the still small voice. It is to stop you speaking Gods word. It is a pagan practice. Wake up and follow the word and not the babble.

  9. I’ve been standing and speaking against the doctors words about my 88yr Young Gma Mary for a month over an “anoxic brain injury”.
    She been in ICU but I proclaim her healing, wholeness and overcoming spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead quickens her body. She lives a quality life and doesn’t die til she says otherwise in Jesus name Amen

  10. I have been listening to this man everyday for 9 years and once I understood these truths changed my life. I've had a blessing opportunity where he prayed over my son. Listen this man is the truth. Keep listening and watch how his teachings transform you. I love Andrew, Barry, Carlie, Ashley, Daniel, Audrey and list goes on for all of these grace teachers. Thank you Jesus for raising up these disciples

  11. You are Absolutely Correct Andrew, I was In A Church Where The Pastor Told Me Not To go Up to the Hospital where One Of The Members Son Was in a Coma.
    "Don't You go up There Giving Them false Hope" Stunned I ask" What is False Hope"???
    He Said " telling Them That God Would heal Him"! Then I Figured out What Was The Matter was The Mom was afraid The Son being On The Machine would cost her a hudge medical bill, money and insurance she Couldn't afford So There was none.The Pastor Being The Family's friend, didn't want me to Compel them into Believing God Could heal him.In The Event, God didn't Come Through According to their faith. No Faith In God Or His Word, and Acts " He Can Do No Mighty Works"!!!
    I Already Knew God Can Raise One From The dead,Coma or any kind of Sickness.
    " I Saw" My Little Cousin raised Up from a Coma miles away in another state.
    He had Sent Me Already to Anoint him and pray for this Cousin thrown out of the front of the Car Window. He said " This Isn't Unto death"!!!
    Well Keep Teaching, I'll Pray That Those Answering The Call on Their Lives" The Spiritual Eye Of Their Understanding Will Be Enlightened " I pray That for Myself as well. I thank Father God I No Longer Listen To The Evil One's whispers Nor Negitive people In Or Out Of The Church, Stop Me From Doing What Father's Vision For My Life, Any More." My GPS " Has Been Reset!!! LOL


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