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  1. Hello Andrew, I would really love to talk Bible with you. The things you teach GOD has been speaking to believers for over fifty years and met a lot of doubtful spirits which would deny the things GOD showed me.

  2. Wow that background music is causing me to lose focus on the message. It sounds like a broken record. I couldn’t handle it and had to stop listening!

  3. I’ve listened to this wonderful teaching a few times. Focus on the teaching… the music is incidental. The teaching is food for my mind and I’ve listened to so much of Andrews teaching …. and been guided and inspired in the renewal of my mind (after 20 years of church teaching and preaching that never mentioned most of what Andrew teaches). Every word is a word of truth solidly based on the bible. Thank you Andrew for your blessed ministry

  4. Seems from reading the comments I’m not alone in requesting that the background music be removed. Loved Andrews teachings, and appreciate you posting, but the music is too distracting.

  5. My thesis for my Bachelors at Colorado Christian University was called "Religion Causes Legalism." I had not been saved yet! I had an Athiest background. Think about that. I started listening to Andrew in the early 90s. Changed my life about my view of God. I've lived a FREE effortless walk since ❤.


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