All Debts Cancelled—God Says So! – Rising to the Top Vol. 2 | Dr. Bill Winston

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  1. lord in agreement with my son, Kevin Joseph Rodriguez and you lord,
    kevin is a sinner O Lord, Kevin is sorry, Lord, Kevin is not worthy to
    receive you lord, Kevin love you lord, Kevin Thank you Lord, Please
    Forgive Kevin Lord, do thy will in Kevin life Lord, protect Kevin life,
    safety, his job, his love life, his romance, his future wife, his future
    marriage, his future family, his faith in you lord, and his new family
    faith in You Lord, protect kevin driving on the roads night and day,
    protect Kevin mental and vision coordinates, protect Kevin Mind, brain
    and health, and cancel Kevin Tuition Bank Loan debt in the mighty name
    of Jesus Christ and give Kevin rest from his enemies and financial
    debts, give Kevin Rest from hard work and unsafety and give Kevin rest
    from Night Job duties in the mighty name of Jesus, healing his body and
    mind with Jesus stripes, amen. Lord.

  2. I receive this Word in Jesus name!!.if Abraham was loaded then so am I. I believe You God and I declare my bond is paid off in Jesus name!!! My God is loaded He owns the cattle on a 1000hills

  3. All my debts are removed and cast into the sea!  PAID N FULL! My Love of Lavender shines all around the world in the name of Jesus! God Bless! All is Well! Sharon D Davis! Greatest Gospel Singer! Nationwide! Amen! Amen! Spirit Break Out!

  4. Sat. June 6, 2020.
    All Debts Cancelled-God Says So!. Rising to the Top. Vol 2.|Dr. Bill Winston. Dec 1, 2016.
    09:30 am.
    Homework: from 6-5-20: (1 Peter 2:24 7days)
    Homework: 6/6 (9 scripts: 7days)
    Thanks Dr. Winston/Veronica and Living Word and Global Family of Friends or Investors.

  5. What I don't like about this man's videos on this channel is: he doesn't stick to the topic! When I chose to watch and listen to this video, I expected, rightly, to hear him speak about DEBT CANCELLATION!! NOT all the extra information he has added in this beginning portion! And, by experience I have now learned that when I finish watching this, it is very possible that I will NOT have heard one single word on that topic of DEBT CANCELLATION! I don't have time to waste! I choose what I hear and read carefully, according to the topic I am currently researching or studying!!! I didn't choose this video so that I would hear everything BUT DEBT CANCELLATION! And, I don't appreciate the inaccuracy of the titles of his videos!!! Like I said, I chose what I watch according to my need to know, not any fluff or extra stuff he chooses to add in. I am not here for entertainment purposes! I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASTE, BILL WINSTON!! There are thousands of videos on YouTube, and I am not happy when I end up using VALUABLE time listening and watching videos that are not relevant to what I need to know. Okay? Get it? BILL WINSTON, I do not come here to hear and read what you choose! I listen to God and what He tells me I need to know, NOT YOU! SO, because you waste so much of my valuable time, I CHOOSE NOT to watch any more of your videos! Are you serving God or yourself?? If God, then label your videos ACCURATELY, because if you don't do that, in my opinion, you are not being useful to God and His people by trying to address topics that He and I haven't chosen at this particular time.


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