Alien Entities (Pt 13): Is Schizophrenia an Alien Entity? – Dr. Lester Sumrall

In part 13 of this classic series, “Alien Entities” by Dr. Lester Sumrall, you’ll learn about how to effectively ministry to those suffering with schizophrenia and when alien entities may be at work.

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  1. @17:24…there are in fact folks who have "Munchausen by proxy", sociopathic psychopathic tendencies who DO in fact try to poison and kill others and when you call them out on it, they can very easily scapegoat their narcissistic behaviors onto those they are targeting calling them "crazy/mentally ill"….and the general public typically believe the ones who are harming others rather than the whistleblowing victims…. JFK nor LINCOLN never got the chance to whistleblower because they got shot and are dead.

  2. My mother was set free from schizophrenia as a young woman. Before she got saved, demons would visit her at night by her bedside menacing and threatening to take her over if she so much as moved her baby finger. At some point she was hospitalized and given electroshock therapy. Doctor told my dad she would never be able to balance a checkbook or other normal management skills. Jesus appeared to her in a vision telling her he would never leave or forsake her. Seems like when I was about 12 years old, mom got saved. No one cast any demons out of her. She may have been severely oppressed? At the least though she was healed of her mental fracture. All glory to God and His son, Jesus Christ.

  3. At 13:4 – Actually, Schizophrenia (which has various causes and types) is different from Multiple Personality Disorder which is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder or just Dissociative Disorder. They are not the same mental/spiritual illness.

  4. After they saw the miricles they worship Paul and Silas The Greeks spoke about planets and world's so did the Vikings there was no ship's yet in pitures they show ship's painting thousands of years before the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached

  5. You say that but there are other world's with life on it believe what you will it's not just a teaching The 9 planets was not just set up in the sky for decoration millions of year's before Moses spoke about Earth firmament but Saturn's also has a firmament when did it start what day was it created don't you remember when Paul spoke to the people who knew about the other world's they began to worship Paul and Silas they said that Paul came from Jupiter and Silas from Mars these planets were worshipped by the pagans how did they know about other world's it's a lot you don't understand about God creation

  6. But there are other world's there are other being in the universe we are not use to seeing what you think that Earth only has life lol no there are other universes multiverses you don't understand it every thing is not a demon God doesn't think like us he's different there is life on other world's creatures and some world's just like Earth and far better than Earth you think that God put universes up and planets up for decoration LoL no he's knows each universe and galxisey by name and knows each one by name he knows what is on each would you just don't get it do you well in the new plenet we will get to see those world's LoL get ready to be blown away

  7. Nice video I'm a disabled veteran in a wheelchair with 35 years in mental health field and now heart and lung disease living in bad housing and got robbed Monday person took my fish knife same crazy crack head that says she wants to kill me and the cops do nothing please pray for me

  8. Thank you so much for posting this blessed video, just a little problem, very much colors, the faces are red. Before was better I think.Thank you so much for fixing this little problem and thank you so much for your understanding. May God bless you all.


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