Alien Entities (5-8): Can Aliens Possess Humans? – Dr. Lester Sumrall

What are the Origins of Alien Entities?
Where do these aliens live? (27:01)
Can Alien Entities possess humans? (54:16)
How do humans allow possession? (1:21:16)

Dr. Lester Sumrall answers these questions and more in parts 5 – 8 of his life changing series on Alien Entities.

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Comment (17)

  1. Lester Sumrall was the great apostle of God of our time. He traveled endlessly, and tirelessly until his death. There was no one that could compare with him in modern times.

  2. this makes sense; the demonic entities controlling/inhabiting the 'second-heaven'. Thus the reason why God destroyed the tower of Babel–as they were building a temple that was trying to reach and be opened to the 2nd heaven for the purpose of pagan worship. Also the reason why people who have encountered demonic entities in their midst have reported 'hearing' them and sensing them in the air. It also explains Matthew 12:43 which says "When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walks through dryplaces, seeking rest, and finds none." and why Jesus allowed the demonic "Legion" spirit/s to go into the herd of pigs when they were in Decapolis–because He further directed them to go into the ocean–presumably because they would NOT find rest (another human soul) and be returned to the abyss of hell.  
    this makes sense–because water gives life–Christ is a fount of living water.

  3. Yes, very much so. Wherearethe Pastors that still teachandpreach this? Derek Prince Ministries will also bless you and teach your lot. May the Lord rise up teachers for this generation

  4. Very informative that all Christians should know about. Most churches don't preach on these things, thank God for Youtube, and Mr Sumrall and his word which is the Bible and of course Jesus Christ Our Lord.

  5. I've heard about the Devil ruling the air and now this makes sense. He rules the air by these means, Radio, Television, Mobile Phones, Internet and anything else that can be transmitted by air. Seems to fall right into place doesn't it?

  6. Section 49:46 or this video is describing the Nephilim (children of 200 fallen angels revealed in the Book of ENOCH). They conceived by the fallen angels mixing their seed with human women; animals; water creatures; and insects.

  7. Thank u,Dr summeral,I was very sick,u were my friends favorite,I listen .all night,it was a fight in my body,thank u,Lord Jesus,for scripture,amen


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