Alien Entities (1-4): What the Bible Says About Aliens – Dr. Lester Sumrall

Is our planet inhabited by alien entities? What does the Bible says about these aliens? Dr. Lester Sumrall answers these and many other questions in this series.

Included in this video:
– Introductions Part 1
– Introduction Part 2 (26:49)
– What are Alien Entities Part 1 (54:09)
– What are Alien Entities Part 2 (1:21:25)

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Comment (44)

  1. you know God sees all of our thoughts he is the wind we take in No air No Life and life is in the Blood the Holy Spirit will not be with you long one is blessed if he/she sees 70 or 80 years in this temple of flesh and blood… .. . you ever felt guilty it has been written down in the Book of Life… .. . remember your guilt and repent of it, you will know you are forgiven of than all when you can remember them no more… .. . No Sign of remembering the past and let no man take this from you… .. . I Have Been Forgiven of My Past WHO do you think you are a little god that can not be everywhere at one time that is why you have to leave for a season… .. .

  2. Whose Portrait is this on this coin "Why it is Caesar" Hummm Nothing was said about the Back of the coin the whole coin is nothing but the matter in the light of day … .. .

  3. Who is the Real Aliens, I'm in this world not of this world my Kingdom is to come… and not by the hands of man … WHO is the one that can deny himself of being a human being only the nothing at all the deep void he is… .. .

  4. why do you claim to be a Thief… you are a recovery specialist of stolen souls for the Lord of Host… AMEN for the Soul Caretakers… YOU caretaker of the temple of the Living GOD a temple of flesh and blood one not built by the hands of man the first and the last temple of God gods… .. . who seats up-on your throne in your own temple Soul Caretakers… .. . surely not you, why you are lower than the angels as I'm too… Run Don't Walk to the Mediator our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the fight is not ours to fight we are at the Center of the Battlefield they both fight over-under inside and outside of us all in this temple of human flesh of the dirt and bone of stone where the Blood is made life is in the blood the Sustainer is The God of Creation the Wind we take in … the Blood in the Light of Life the Heads Body Father and Son their Radiance reflect a Holiness Love in Truths warm light… I was called up into that warm Agape talking Light that is all that I can see I don't know I had no-body only my Soul was there a calling away for only a short time YES there is a God who loves us all… .. . No one Can ever take that experience from me for it was personal in nature yes the Light spoke to me "I quote" "I adore you and I'AM nothing without you"… that was said to me in April of 1988 full submersion baptism May of 1988… .. . The Light Deep within this temple comes to speak to me on matters in the darkness start with judging yourself first we are all the Seven Churches The Body of the Head Shows us all our Strengths and Weaknesses down to the core of the Matter we are made up of… .. . The Holy One Walks and Talks amongst us do the right thing in the temporary temple of the Lord of Host Soul Caretaker of it… .. .

  5. The Deep Void is only the Holder of the Light he is not the light or the Matter in the light he lies to all he is only a Lucifer a holder of Matter in the Light he is not the Matter or the Light… .. .but the darkness of the void… .. .

  6. How many in December 2020, are casting out demons?? Anyone? The CHURCH sits on their pew every Sunday morning and those possessed walk out the same way they came in. Not enough POWER to knock the fuzz off a Georgia peach, let alone cast a demon out .

  7. want to know the devil's doctrines? compare Rom 8:1 kjv to the message bible rom:8:1 look at the huge chunk they leave out in the message bible that is very important

  8. We all need this preaching in this time of our lives. It's very relevant to what we're going through. Jesus is the answer, always and forever.

  9. Healing comes when you start acting on God’s word- TB Joshua. Seek first the righteousness of God. Seek first the righteousness of God like Cornelius. God’s word is love. God’s word is good. God is Love.God is good.

  10. Said Star over the Christ Child. Was a angel. It Travdled leading the way for the wise men from afar. Shinning the way. The Glory of God's Light. The speed of light is 186,000,000 pet second. Just sharing on what I've learned. From The Holy Spirit and man.

  11. A very blessed, godly man, back from 1983!! And this video a blessing as well..PTL! All the different "alien" races they tell us exist, are no more than demonic, fallen angels…and there will be a fake a-LIE-n invasion in the very near future — don't fall for it..project blue beam has much to do with the coming holographs projected in our sky.

  12. There's 1 Church that is out traveling and they are serious prayer Warrior's. Its nothing small… they are doing what God has asked of them. Look up Dutch Sheets. They're amazing!

  13. It's elementary my dear boy.
    The alien hoax is an attempt to cover up fake space, balloon satellites, and the truth of the flat Earth.
    Think I'm wrong? Then research flat Earth, Roswell, and the Firmi paradox for yourself.
    Oh yeah, Conspicuously, Russia had a Roswell event as well. Isn't that convenient?

  14. Here's truth, there are fallen Angels, not Aliens, there are no planets, we live in a flat Realm, because water is flat, Moon landings are fake, NASA are liars, there is a firmament, which causes rain bows. The Deception is space. Science hides the Lord in Heaven.

  15. I believe the pulpit is a very symbolic but yet Holy place where truth should be sacred. When you preach more from tabloids than the Word of God you have a severe problem in your church. If you don't know, don't preach it. To say that a satellite may be the messenger for the Lord Jesus Christ's return is a dire proclamation of ignorance and corruption. God help us all.
    Aaron and Miriam thought they had equal power and authority as Moses also. They were almost dead wrong. This goon is no apostle. Jesus did not make 50 apostles. Why not? Even Apostle Paul could not heal whenever he wanted.
    26:30…. Notice, no credit to the Word of God or the Holy Spirit but to "my church, where I go to worship"…. in other words, "me, the preacher".
    50 minutes in and I feel like I've eaten 6 pounds of marshmallows. I'm out….


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