A Prophecy from Rick Renner about 2020

Hear a prophecy from Rick Renner about victory in Jesus in 2020. Need prayer? Reach out to us today at – https://renner.org/connect/need-prayer/

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  1. Another false prophet has come out of the wood work. 2020 has not been any where close to his prophecy. I always follow Scripture where it says, "Trust no man's word!", but trust the Word as discerned by the Holy Spirit. Time for a reality check! This nation's cup of sin is overflowing, and America is under judgment, not getting better. We have entered the Time of Sorrows warned about in biblical prophecy. As Jesus warned about these end times, comparing it to a woman in labor. The birth pains of affliction will get shoter and more intense. Judgments will only get worse as we enter into the Tribulation period. Now is the time to cling closer to Jesus and dwell in the secret place of the most high and seek refuge in the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91)! Let no man deceive you with promises of only good times ahead, but prepare a time of purification in the crucible of fire of God's correction in preparation for Jesus' soon return. There is no fear of God in the land, so sin is abounding, and our churches are deluded, teaching that God is love and only wishes to bless. The land is overflowing with false prophets that the Bible forewarned. Few voices are heard sounding the alarm through the watchmen God has raised for this end times. No, God's people refuse to humble themselves, repent, and seek His face. They prefer to gather around themselves those who preach soothing words to their itching ears. God warned in his Word of this time when men would rather live in unrighteousness and live according to their own thoughts and desires. For this reason God said He would send a great delusion, so they might believe the lies. In this age of delusion, there is a famine of truth in the land, where men seek what seems right in their own eyes. Jesus warned narrow is the path to heaven and few there are that find its gates. He further lamented, "Will I find any faith when I return?" The Great Falling Away from the truth is even no operating. Choose this day who you follow, the Spirit of God or the false prophecies and fake teachings rampant in today's world.

  2. The Lord double my income this month, an I have not worked in 14 yrs, and tells me restitution is coming. Authority of the horn of David is on the rise. I am one of the son's of God who've cried out Abba Father and gave me an instantaneous miracle for my spouse.
    Apostle 444@yahoo.com

  3. The Heavenly Father is not the author of sickness or disease – satan is. God can only do work on this earth through His saints – how we live, if we live according to His Word impacts God's ability to move in this world. Stop being fearful. Listen to Charles Capps to learn HOW to apply God's word every single day and bring Him into this situation.

  4. You all need to look up Bill Gates quantum dot tattoo to fight covid 19. If this is not the mark of the beast nothing is! And it will be out within 6 months.

  5. The Lord gave me a dream on Purim where I was being lead by the spirit, when the spirit ran around the corner then into a green field and stopped. Where I caught up with the spirit.
    Know that the sin unto death is not to follow the supreme command of love given by Jesus the Christ.


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