74 Charles Capps – What God Has Planned

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  1. Isaiah 43: v11 … says the Lord is God, and beside Him there is no Savior. Meaning there are not two or three separate persons in the so-called trinity.

    Isaiah 44: v6 and Revelation 22: v13 … both say the first and the last. Meaning there cannot be two different firsts and two different lasts and two different lasts.

    That means Lord Jesus is Father Jesus … so says Isaiah 9: v6

    Lord Jesus is the one and only Lord God of Heaven. Lord Jesus is the Almighty.

    Go to a man of God who knows the difference between titles baptism and baptism in the name of Lord Jesus Christ

  2. Trouble with a prayer need help its sensitive involving more than one person cast the bad in to the sea the prayer is going out the blessings are coming down abundance of love the way God intended when you know the lord knows amen amen amen bless this prayer 70 times 70 times 70 times 70 times 70 times 70 times 70 times in Jesus name its established God is in control

  3. It's 2020
    No world war in the year 2000 or 2006.
    The moon does not REFLECT THE LIGHT OF THE SUN. It is the cooler light, a light source unto unto itself, for the night.
    Do your research people. Don't allow yourself to be confused. The bible will give you the truth and the truth will set you free.

  4. About 25 years ago I was believing God to get pregnant, but it wasn't happening. I was listening to Pastor Capps but faith hadn't taken place. I was always crying or feeling down when my cycle would start. This took about 6 years and finally faith took hold and I got tired of crying and I said I will not cry anymore. If I don't get pregnant this month I will next month, but I will not cry anymore. Looking back it seemed like it took no time and the next thing I knew I heard a doctor tell me I was pregnant. Gave birth to a baby girl in 2001 and she just celebrated her 19th birthday. God is so good and His Word works.

  5. So it’s 2020, that means we are in the sixth day- should we expect that this millennium will run its entire course before the “sixth” day is over? That’s what confuses me. He’s saying that our generation will most certainly see the coming of our Lord, but wouldn’t we have to wait until the year 2999 before this “day” is over?

  6. Earlier this year (2019) I was listening to a Charles Capps message from 2006, wherein he prophesied that an asteroid would come very, very close to hitting earth in 2012, but that God would "break it apart." I did a Google search to see whether this actually came to pass in 2012 as he prophesied, and sure enough. It happened. It was the closest fly by in recorded history. What is more, a large chunk of the asteroid broke off and impacted Russia. The man was a true prophet. We would all do well to hear his words attentively.

  7. So. This 20 year old message is still pertinent today! Keep in mind that this man was an Arkansas farmer who got tired of being sick, broke and disgusted. He simply started taking the Word of the Bible literally, beleiving ALL the promises of God to Christians. Need sucess in your situation, just do what Carles did. Believe God!

  8. The moon has its own cool light says nothing about reflecting the sun!! Space is a made up nasa lie full of freemasons! need to research more than this space nonsense interwoven into the church and it's preachers


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