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  1. Brother Capps, you saved my soul therefore my life, after you adjust sent home to be with the Lord. How incredible that God can allow us to bring people to Christ and how to actually live in victory, live according to how God said to walk in His power. Most churches today don't 3 dm talk about this, which leaves people lost and victims of them enemy.

  2. His daughter has an outstanding ministry teaching about quantum physics. And how the Bible and science come together as one check out his daughters teachings it will bless you tremendously hello brother Capps but I do believe we will be here during the tribulation just my thoughts God bless all your brothers and sisters that read this

  3. Good preaching. I see well dresses, well behaved mature and wise African Americans. That is a rarity these days as sorrowful as that is.
    Everyone there, black or white, was not the end times generation. This was filmed in 1997.
    The hidden books are the message that was and is saved for this last generation. The Dead Sea scrolls are now for the last generations.
    Time to read them.

  4. *Jesus Waited To Inform Believers Of His Time & [Me]! As An Earlier Miracle Of A Soul Raised From The Dead! Jesus Was Disputed As To Why The individual Wasn't Really Dead! So! With Lazarus Dead For 4 Days! Now Anti Christ Naysayers Wanted Jesus & Lazarus Dead!

    *Years Ago Asked Jesus Why He Waited! Within A Year Heard Bro. R W Schambach
    Explain Why Jesus Waited!

    Jesus Is So! SMART! Been Saying That Jesus Is So! SMART For Years! Have Heard Only One Other Soul, An Evangelist Say! Jesus Is So SMART!

  5. Spoke The Latter Or The End In The Beginning! Genesis Ch 1 & 2: Reveals 6 Days Or 6000 Yrs Reveals! Church Is In The Home Stretched! End Times Released Information!
    Isaiah 46: 9, 10 & 41: 22-26 & 42: 9
    Amos 3: 7-8
    2 Peter 3: 3
    Hebrews Ch. 1: 1-8,
    Birth Of JESUS Gave Us Body OF CHRIST!
    Ecclesiastes 1: 4-10
    Life Is A Series Of Cycles!
    John 16:

  6. With all due respect to Charles Capps who stated that the children of God HAVE to be taken out of the picture (raptured) before the antichrist releases his deception on the world, Jesus warned the Body of Christ not to be deceived by the antichrist, false prophets, and false docrines. If we were going to be raptured before the deception, there would have been no need for Jesus to warn us not to be deceived by false prophets, false doctrine. and by the antichrist himself.

  7. Jeh, I heard today on Daystar TV that Charles Capps died last Sunday and he told his family that he knew he would be going that very day to be with Jesus.  Thanks for these posts.


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