7 Things God Wants You To Know During This Virus Attack | Joseph Prince

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  1. There was a smile in me throughout the whole time when Pastor Prince sang. I love you Pastor Prince. thank you for always always pointing to Jesus… Love you Abba Father❤️

  2. My husband was tested positive. Test was done due to a requirement at work. My husband has no symptoms but we are believing that as our Saviour Jesus Christ is so are We in this world. We are positve because of what Jesus has done. Pls also pray for my husband as well as the entire family. All glory to Jesus!

  3. Psalm 91 and breaking bread daily from house to house Acts 2:41-46. We now have great videos on the Lords Supper by Sean Rath on youtube titled Passover Lords Supper by Sean Rath or Participate with me in the Lords Supper by Sean Rath

  4. Charles Stanley made a video saying god might have sent this virus. So i will never watch him again the lord loves us and doesn't send disease and famine on his children

  5. Thank you for the message Pastor Prince. The fact that we should depend on God more than the media, medicine, etc and listen to His voice in the scripture and through what you preached was what stood out.


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