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  1. I’m now working on getting healed And working on forgiveness. I’m saying out loud what Pastor Capps says. I’m confessing Gods promises out loud for my healing.

    I allowed some negative thought patterns And words to come out of my mouth that I didn’t realize I was doing. Now I gotta turn it around. I was reaping the harvest of my mouth now I’m turning it around.

  2. I spoke to a tree that was planted by evil people in my neighborhood. Every time I passed the tree I thought about their wickedness and it bothered me

    I asked that God remove that tree because it was planted with evil intent. I spoke out loud as I passed the tree and said out loud under my breath because it’s in the street in front of a mean wicked neighbors house.

    I cursed that tree in Jesus name and commanded it to die at the roots and be gone. It was on my daily walk so I said it out loud many times.

    The tree was gone about three months later. I never saw it wilt away but all of a sudden the tree was gone. There was no freeze or anything apparent that caused it to die. The last I saw was a group of landscapers out in her yard and the next day I noticed the tree was gone. I’m not sure if it was dead or if the landscapers accidentally removed it I’m not sure how but I’m glad it’s gone. I’m confessing for my healing now and I’m believing it also and I’m listening to know god and his ways better.

  3. If we are to be doers of the word and not just hearers … where is Brother Capps teaching on proper water baptism of repentance for the remission of sins in Lord Jesus' name per Acts 2: v38 and Acts 19: v5 ?

    Friends. There are two kinds of false teachers: those who know they are teaching falsely/incompletely yet do it anyway. And then there are those who do not know they teach falsely/incompletely.

    Go to a man of God who knows the difference between titles baptism and baptism in the name of Lord Jesus Christ

  4. I have been reading his book for years the two in one that's what open my eyes to what the word of God says and I have been reading it until this day JESUS says if I only believe all things are possible unto me and I believe I am healed by the stripes of JESUS PRAISE BE TO GOD AND THAT SETTLED IT.

  5. On God Of Israel's Children Wearing Glasses > Isaac Went Blind Yet Moses Had 20 20 Vision.!. Personally Theirs Foods Full Of Vitamins God Gave To Maintain Healthy Bodies.! Verses Altered Foods Etc Canned Food, Beverages Bagged Chips, Bought At Stores Vs Home Grown Fruits, Veggies, You Get The Gist Of God's Healthy Menu Counterfeited By Anti Christ Souls.!

    Simplified INFO 1989 THE Word Sorcery From BOOK Of Revelation Which Daniel Webster Defined Sorcery IS Equal To.: PHARMACEUTICALS



    HOSEA 4: 6
    QUESTION: Where's Ephesians 4: 11 12 13 Entities.! Was Asked How Many Churches Is There!. Had No Answer Yet # 3 Came: Lukewarm Cold & Hot : >

  6. I love his teachings on healing, but what baffles me, with the knowledge he has on the subject, is why he still has to wear glasses. Just curious that's all.

  7. This teachings are so enjoyable and clear to understand with a practical inputs. I am very blessed to find these videos from brother Capps. I have only discovered your teaching about 2 months ago. What a blessing you were and still are to the Body of Christ. May the LORD richly bless your Ministry and your family. Elena Boutilier.

  8. There is a section that is very confusing. Can someone help me? Go to 56:26 and listen till 57:01
    He is talking about a difference between a lie and calling things that are not as they are.
    In his example I'm totally confused.
    It appears he says if you say it 1 way it's a lie.
    Yet if you say it another way (which was the same way in his example) then it's NOT a lie, it's just calling things that are not as if they are.
    Listen closely to his example and help me understand it please someone .

  9. Truth be told ACCORDING as it is written is WHAT having the faith of God IS and speaks of in confessing what you believe. What is written is the word of God the source and AGENT of faith. The mountain Jesus was speaking of was that of Sinai, from where the law was given AND THE FAITH which Jesus refereed to is that which comes from Jerusalem; AND Galatians 3:24-26confirms this.
    if you have Gods faith you will glean His Will and Purpose but if you have your own faith without the Word of God you will have your Will and Purpose in it inadvertently making God your personal Genie. I all you have faith for is for STUFF you will inadvertently neglect the things of the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness; whereby if you don't neglect but seek first the KINGDOM OF GOD ALL THE THINGS NEEDFUL for the body WILL BE ADDED WITH A PROMISE AS DOES a Father His Children. 2Corinthians 4:18

  10. Charles Capps was the greatest teacher on faith, he picked up where Hagin left off. Bottom line it's up to us Christians to speak Christ's words out of our mouth and release the kingdom of God now.


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