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  1. Charles Capps by far is the best teacher of the word as far as I am concerned His explanation of the word in pictorial form brings it home to the simplest mind. The humour he infuses in the word makes him so listener friendly and watchable. I bless the day I found him. God has used him to to bless my life and strengthen my faith and walk with Him. God bless his ministry and all the glory be to God my Father.

  2. Thank you for the share. His book "releasing the ability of God through prayer " was such a blessing to me. Keep on sharing those helpful and life-changing messages! Be bountifully blessed!

  3. I love this man and his teachings on faith and healing. However, I'm curious as to why a man of his faith, and many healing experiences, still wore glasses. Even Moses in his many many years of life never had eye problems. His strength hadn't abated nor his eyes dim.
    Just curious that's all.

  4. Faith comes by heating the WORD/Love/God. Faith works by Love. It healed me of AIDS. JEESUS said …It is finished and by his stripes we were healed.

  5. God bless you JehToday, Where are the teachings numbers 62 thru 65 of Brother Capps?? Did you uploaded them??. Thank you and may the Lord bless you for sharing brother Capps´lessons.

  6. God used this mans book " the tongue, a creative force" to completely turn my life around. I began to understand a lot about spiritual laws and principles. Thanking God for this mans ministry.

  7. RIP Brother Capps. I've been sincerely blessed by the teachings of this man. His book "Faith & Confessions" is a must-own IMO for folks who desire understanding of this topic. Speak the Word, believe the Word, and eventually your life will be special.


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