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  1. This is absolutely true! I got ahold of this teaching over the past few months and began seriously practicing this last month. This month, after 3 years of pregnancy losses (IVF) and no natural pregnancies, God has opened my womb. I have received my breakthrough. God indeed calls those things that are not yet manifest to bring to naught things that are manifest and out of agreement with God’s will. (Barrenness is not Gods will!) If you are struggling in a season of infertility or barrenness, this biblical teaching works. Also, get Charles Capps little book “calling those things that are not”. This was a game changer. This has changed my prayer life! Bless you all!

  2. That's really interesting. It's easier for me to understand faith etc by Carles Capps teaching 🙂 Thank you God for his teaching and thank you for posting his teaching! 🙂

  3. You miss the point, Annie. It's better to tell someone the TRUTH, this is what sets us free. but its only the Truth you know. I don't see it as mocking but correcting, wtong thinking, this is love, helping your brother out of deception.

  4. Great eye-opening teaching I'm very grateful to get hold of, but I have to point out something a lot of faith teachers do that we listeners need to steer clear of. Some faith teachers laugh and mock believers who are ignorant of faith principles. This should never be happening in the Body of Christ. Every believer is our brother/sister and we are to LOVE them, not mock them and laugh at them for their ignorance. Every time one of the faith teachers mocks a believer's ignorance, the believers who are listening laugh right along with them because people subconsciously think….Well, the man of God is laughing, so I guess it's okay to laugh". Watch out, Church !!! Don't laugh because the preacher is laughing ! Look at it through God's eyes and you'll see that those who laugh at ignorant believers will face the Judgment of the Lord. DON'T EVER LAUGH AT, POKE FUN AT, OR HATE ANOTHER BELIEVER ! God loves His ignorant believers just as much as He loves anyone else and He aches for them BECAUSE THEY ARE IGNORANT. Truth is, we're ALL IGNORANT about a lot of things concerning God and ignorance in the Body of Christ should GRIEVE US, not make us laugh. Imagine how God feels when you allow others – even other preachers – to mock fellow believers. Imagine how Jesus feels when you laugh at members of His Body who are precious to Him – believers who He hung on the cross for !

    The faith teachers mock the ignorant and unbelieving to make a point but they'll learn when they stand before the Lord at Judgment that laughing and mocking other believers was a VERY, VERY, VERY BAD IDEA. Even mocking the devil himself isn't a good idea ! Cast the devil down, cast him out, cast out his lies. but don't mock him.

  5. I am highly blessed by the teachings of this man. His teachings and style helped me so much. His book "Faith and Confession" should be in every faith believer's bookcase. The Kingdom truly needs each of us to be abundant and prosper in all aspects — to be blessed to be a blessing to others. Brother Capps is missed immensely. RIP Brother Capps.


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