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  1. Faith in, love for and obedience to Lord Jesus … are all walking down the road of salvation with us. One cannot have faith in and love for without obedience to Lord Jesus, etc.

    Those things are part of the ongoing process called salvation.

    And salvation is: justification, sanctification and glorification.

    Justified by the life, death, resurrection, appearances, ascencion and giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. That's how we are justified because we have faith in Lord Jesus for proving Who it is He said.

    Then comes the demonstration of faith meaning sanctification. The first order is to be born again of water and Spirit per John 3: v5 an Mark 16: v16 an Acts 19: v1 thru v7 … etc

    Then that process of sanctification continues for the rest of our earthy lives because in order to be glorified we must be holy because God is holy. As Lord Jesus commands: Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.

    Lord Jesus says to go and sin no more lest a worse thing come upon you. And Lord Jesus says with God all things are possible. Meaning the ability to go and sin no more.

    See friend. Sin is not gonna be toletated in Heaven. We're not getting into Heaven with a stained garment. Yet there will be free will in Heaven.

    All sin must be seen and understood by looking at it through the lens of free will.

    And we must be cleansed from sin in water. First proper water baptism then successive washings of the feet.

    But we cannot sin then ask forgiveness, and be cleansed in water … expecting to be forgiven forever.

    Eventually we must learn not to sin.

    Because as Paul asks rhetorically: Shall we continue in sin so that grace may abound? … Paul answers himself: God forbid!

    We also read if we continue in sin there remains no more sacrifice for sin.

    So justification is not the entirety of salvation. Because we must long suffer the tests put before us. We must learn how to pass tests.

    And how can one expect to graduate from university without passing tests?

    Friends. We may be tempted by satan and his kind. But we must pass tests of faith in order to be made holy.

    Lord Jesus wants to look down into His refiner's furnace to see the sin-dross being removed from our lives. We are being refined like fine gold and silver. And Lord Jesus expects to see His own face being reflected in that liquid.

    We cannot expect this life to be without trials and tribulations because the Holy Bible says it shall be.

    Go to a man of God who knows the difference between titles baptism and baptism in the name of Lord Jesus Christ

  2. Charles Capps was a man that was mightly used of God, I love his teachings, they're as current as though they were taught yesterday. He helped me to understand the old testament in the light of the new convenant.

  3. He is a great man of God. I have learned much from him. However, I disagree with his assessment. If the scripture says God sent fiery serpents to bite them, that's exactly what happened. Regarding Job, it tells you in the last chapter that his relatives came to comfort him of all the evil that God had brought upon him. (The best interpretation of scripture is scripture itself.) Every time the bible says stuff that our understanding struggles with, we go to excavate a meaning from the Greek or Hebrew lexicon to line up with our thinking. God is a consuming fire!

  4. How can anyone downvote this man!
    You would have to literally downvote the Word of God.
    This is ONLY the Truth – this man told us the Truth.
    Some people do not like the Truth.

    Brothers and sisters – we may as well LOVE the Truth.
    Cos its going nowhere fast – it's HERE to stay.
    For Truth IS the Truth which IS the Truth.

  5. To make it more clear God does NOT allow bad things to happen. To allow implies that He has the power to prevent it but did not use it.

    Well, what happened was that God purposely limited himself in the Earth by giving the power over it to Adam who gave it over to satan.

    God cannot lie and nothing evil can come from God. So all of the bad things that happen in this world happen because of a man's or woman's fear or doubt. Not God allowing it. The power was given to mankind a long time ago.

    To say it simply. People are stupid, they believe wrong things and suffer needlessly.


  6. This is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. More people need to hear this. Some do not want to hear this because it tells you the TRUTH, that God Our Father purposely limited himself in the realm to give us all a FREE WILL.

    SO IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY, Faith or Fear and people who are lazy don't want to take responsibility for their Faith and Victory.


  7. The WORD is working mightily indeed. God bless Charles Capps. I never knew how important words were until I got introduced to his teaching. Thank you so much for making these faith filled videos available to us.

  8. 5:25 Everything that happens is allowed by Yahweh. Is. 45;7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I Yahweh do all these things. Better promises? Yahweh says, "I change not." We have to be careful not to dismiss Torah which is rampant among protestants.


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