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  1. Thank God for youtube..we can watch true teachings as most teachings nowadays are motivational and not inspirational ..
    The word is working even when you don't see it working.. STOP observing the circumstances because God's word is working in the unseen..press into praise based on God's promises
    Find scriptures that promise you what you desire and keep saying that scriptures : Important (learned that from late papa Hagin)

  2. But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting."
    Many people believe that Jesus was talking about a specific demon that could not be cast out except through prayer and fasting but I believe Jesus was talking about praying and fasting to deal with the kind of unbelief the disciples were experiencing. For instance, when Jesus' disciples were asked to cast a demon out of a boy, the severity of the situation caused their unbelief. The demon was throwing the boy into convulsions, causing him to foam at the mouth, gnash his teeth, and then lie motionless (Mark 9:14-18 AMP). From that fact alone the disciples believed they hadn't healed the boy. They were convinced by what they saw and heard, (sense lead) and came to the conclusions that the demon hadn't left. When the disciples asked Jesus why they weren’t able to heal the boy, Jesus distinctly replied “because of your unbelief”. The kind of unbelief the disciples were experiencing was: being lead by their natural senses instead of what they believed God's word said. This type of unbelief can be overcome through praying and fasting.
    Jesus had given the disciples authority to cast out demons and heal the sick and they had done it plenty times before. If they would have kept believing regardless of what they were seeing and hearing they would had come to believe that the demon had to submit to their authority and leave. But because they could still "see" the demon, they went by what they saw and heard and were convinced by their senses. 
    "When we fast, we deny the senses which teaches us to overcome and not cave in to what our senses are telling us". Fasting helps us to deal with our senses, so we can be "faith people" and not  "sight" people". The Bible says "For we walk by faith not by sight”.
    When Jesus finally healed the boy, the Bible says “the boy was cured from that very hour”. That implies possibly the demon didn’t leave right away. But because Jesus kept believing regardless of what he was seeing, his faith proved out.


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