MATTHEW ASHIMOLOWO “SOW A SEED TO BE GREATER THAN YOUR FATHER – is a recorded live broadcast from MATTHEW ASHIMOLOWO AND THE GOD OF MAMMON series of videos from 2018-05-10 with Sunday Adelaja

Matthew Ashimolowo is the lead pastor of Kicc London. His erroneous teaching on seed sowing, 24-hour miracle seed has been a tool he and many Nigerian preachers are employing in robbing the poor in Nigerian churches. These men are not serving the real God of heaven, they are serving the god of mammon.

So in these series of videos Pastor Sunday will give you a full picture of how matthew ashimolowo’s sermons are just to get you to part with your hard-earned money. For example, with the $1000 seed of faith for the 24-hour miracle. All these are deceptions. These churches are robbing the poor in the name of God.

These videos would expose these Nigerian pastors and church business. You will also learn what the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is.

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Comment (17)

  1. Pastor prayed for the young man at the Air Port and the man had a miracle without sowing seed. If the young man received his miracle without sowing seed, why call for seed from the people?

    According Matthew, God told him to pray, i did hear him saying God also told him to collect seed.

  2. hmmmm the problem with people is that after the massage they will never visit the bible to confirm and verify for themselves. i was once like that, untill i begin to study my bible. honestly it pains me dearly to my heart to see how the gospel has become a means to exploit those whom they are supposed to help….. may God deliver our generation

  3. It onye the truth from all ramifications that can heal and set Nigeria free from destruction. Halleliyah and praises to the most-high. Truth all the way sir.


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