49 Norvel Hayes – Demonology Pt 1 of 4

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  1. I really thank God for this wonderful man of God : I listened to him in his younger days all the way until God called him home and let me tell you he finished strong in Jesus Name,, I have ordered every one of his books

  2. What a great anointing! I have laugh more than I have for years. It feels good. Laughter in the love of GOD brings healing and revelation. Praise GOD for this wonderful man of GOD and his videos that make it possible for his ministry to still sow seed and bring in the harvest, and empower and encourage us to do the same. Thank you showing us his videos. I had never seen his videos though I had heard of him. Now, I have and I am blessed and determined to never give up no matter what anybody says. I follow JESUS.

  3. This man is full of it…. if your sick all the time your not working for God!!!! Paul had something wrong with him that was never healed…. and this snake oil salesmen couldn’t hold a candle for the Apostle Paul.
    30 mins in and all he has talked about is money…..

  4. I wonder where I would have wound up, had it not been for this wonderful man of God! He transformed my life. I read nearly every book he wrote, bought every tape and VHS videos he produced and the miracles in my life have never stopped. How GRATEFUL I am, for someone who is not afraid to do what Jesus did and taught us to do the same thing. Thirty some years down the road, I wouldn't go back to not knowing these things and doing them, for all the money in the world!!

  5. powerful man of God, no doubt! those of the flesh will not understand but only those of the Spirit, those who believe in Jesus' words! our battle is not against flesh and blood but against Satan and his demons who are against us believers! Believe what this man is saying and become a threat to Satan's kingdom! God bless brother Norvel

  6. Oh how I Love Norval Hayes. He has fathered me in the faith for many years !!! I love the way he recounts incidents / stories he has experienced…
    So nice !!!!.. Like he is during this video.
    He is a true blessing!
    Listen to his other messages – "How to live and not die".
    "Speak up your Mountain" and many more!!

  7. you need to watch your mouth and learn some respect fellow, then get saved and face up to the truth that you need to be saved so repent today while you've still got a chance

  8. This man is realy full of GODS LOVE….let GOD used him where ever he go…GOD blessings is upon him and the glory of GOD is shinning out of him….Hallelujahhhhh!!!!!!


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