44 Lester Sumrall – Demons and Deliverance I Pt. 19 of 21 (7 steps toward Demon Possession Pt. 2)

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  1. I know someone who if they see anyone looking at them, they believe that person is out to get them, or if the pastors wife was looking in their direction, they believe she’s looking at her with evil intent. I told them the pastors wife is almost blind so that argument was wrong. I told them that no one hates them. There was a point they were hearing me say words that never were said by me, and I have come to the conclusion that person has an unclean lying spirit and is on the verge of being possessed because while functional, they have no control over their emotions. It’s funny when I met this person, they sought me out, and wanted to know everything about the call of God on my life. They acted like they had great faith, but in the end I found they had no faith at all. This person claimed no friends in the church, alone in life, was unhappy because the church would not allow them in leadership. Later I found they had many friends, a big family, and I told this person they weren’t qualified to be in church leadership and it’s usually an unclean spirit that wants leadership in the church inappropriately, it was an obsession of this person. They said oh no, I never said those things. I had found out or discerned the devil in all this, and that spirit was afraid and caused that person to become emotionally embroiled in various stupid issues brought on by themselves, but wanted to draw me into them. I explained after it lied about my words I would no longer continue the friendship. When I said goodbye, the person came back into their right mind and was glad to see me go. I was no longer a threat to the devil. They were involved in too many issues for me to go back. But the Holy Spirit never rose up in me to cast that thing out, so I think they like their bondage and don’t really want to be free.


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