2015 Branson Victory Campaign: The Wonderful Word (9:30 a.m.)

Gloria Copeland ministers on “The Wonderful Word” during Healing School at the 2014 Branson Victory Campaign.

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Comment (28)

  1. Thankyou Kenneth and Gloria for your faithfulness in teaching God's word over the years. Your ministry has been a huge blessing and help in my understanding God's word especially the word of faith teaching. Heb11v6,Rom10v17,Mk11v22-26,Jn16v23,2Cor4v13,Mk16v17-18,Lk10v19,2Cor4v13,Heb11v1,Ps146v7 The LORD sets the prisoner free. ISAIAH 54v17.

  2. For all of you who do not know "yet": Lord means Baal and it's a tittle not a "name", God is generic, when they say god, which god do they mean? Jesus is a Greek name and as I recall, our SAVIOR was born a Hebrew.
    Do your research in an earnest prayer and do not worship demons.

  3. Good morning Kenneth. An. Glory. Love. You. An. All. Ministries. Working. With. You. Thank. You. For. Your. Love. An. Prayers. God. Is. Restoring. Me. Last. Two. Months. God. Healed. Me. Of. Stroke. Restored. My. Right. Side kept. My. Blood. Pressure. Down. Couldnt. Pee. Bladder. Lock. He. Healed. That. Couldnt. Walk. Or. Stand. Very. Long. A nm lot. Better. Now. I. Have. To. Go. For. Female. Parts. To. Be. C hecked. Prayer. It. Will. Check. Good. Thank. You. An. Thank. You. Jesus.


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