18 Charles Capps – Releasing the Ability of God thru Prayer 06

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  1. Peter refused to leave Jesus/Yeshua because He had the Words of Life. Peter's importunity! 😉 Really thankful for so much of this teaching.

  2. Being under the curse of the law meant you were in sin, not in obedience to the law. Dont be confused, blessings still flow to those that obey the law. The difference is the law of Yehovah is to be obeyed, rather than the law of man. And Yeshua paid for all blood covenants.

    Anything to do with bloodshed, or even blood flowing – He paid for, but there is more to fulfillment to come.

    Yeshua was against the law of the pharisees, or the law of man – but never against the Law of His Father Who changes not!

    But if we live in iniquity (habitual sin) & break the Law, we THEN come under the curse of the Law & have something to fear! Even Yehovah God (being a castaway from His Glorious Presence, forever!) Don't do that.

    Yeshua /Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father, but by Him.

    Yeshua freed us from the blood portions of the Law. He became them, and IS the Firstborn.


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