13 Charles Capps – Releasing the Ability of God thru Prayer 01

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  1. " IF" you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. (abide = you accept or act in accordance with). Wow. Thank you Bro. Capps.

  2. Wow, I use to know this, I have slipped away from Gods word so long I forgot. This reminded me and iv listened to alot of preachers, in this simple way of preaching I'm remembering again!!
    It come back. I have casted out a demon before I was so much into the word. I know right! A small child was abused and filled with hate and the devil and she knew I was a child of God and wanted me gone! After I cast it out she was a total different child and loved again. But like a dummy I back slid and it can happen if you let it people… I' sure dont like what hell has to offer im living for God again. Watch out devil im back!! Praise God!!

  3. Oh my! This is blessing me so much! His word must abide in me no matter what and no matter how long it takes to manifest. That is the key. I can believe the word for a while but when change doesn't come fast enough, I leave the word and start to look elsewhere. But no more. Thank you for this truth. Can't wait to watch the rest of the series.

  4. I have been listening to Charles Capps for years . However his teachings have become so advanced and right to the Bible. I believe knowledge has become so far advanced in the mysteries of God that something has to give soon. Daniel is opened and we are seeing more and more.
    Charles Capps has not been afraid to preach it as it is and prove everything by the Word. What a joy it is to hear from him.

  5. Prayers Are A Due TIME Process

    Jesus Asked Brethren Could You Not Pray For An Hour.!?

    Have Had Prayers Answered IN: 15 Minutes, Days, Weeks, Months, And Years…Intercessory As Holy Spirit And Jesus Arrive From Romans 8: 26 And 34 . . . . .

  6. What if God really did make us in his image ? What if the bible is sprinkled with Gods Truth and Wisdom , but on a bed of lies? In an attempt to deter us from knowing our true divine nature? What if we really are like god himself , endowed with powers that we would initially perceive as Magic ? Too much confusion with religion , I’m at the stage now where I’m contemplating, Was Jesus a Man? Or was Jesus a Metaphor? All I know is, I want to live a happy , healthy and fulfilling life surrounded by Happy People , Situations and Circumstances , in a never ending cycle of peace , love and harmony and in the end , go to ‘Heaven’ where I can continue my immortal existence under my creators wing. Xxxx

  7. So! Basically When Someone Is Speaking And Holy Spirit Alerts As Empty Rhetoric! Could We Kindly Say! You Don't Believe What You Are Saying! So! Why Should We Be Expected To Believe Words Spoken! Let's Look At The Promises That Produce Evidence 2.Continue Devine Will Of God's Subject Matter At Hand!


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