11 Norvel Hayes – Healing Revival (Faith has a voice, God wants to hear it!)

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  1. God spoke to my right now in this video. And for those who might be wondering, yes that is the infamous charlatan Robert tilton at the end. I know brother Hayes had to be heartbroken about him, but like the song says, let the church go on.

  2. Norval says do not speak against ministers.  Is that true?  We are to test the spirits and examine doctrine.  Yes, we are to speak truth and that includes disagreeing with error and our pastors.  Norval says we not to judge anyone.  That's not what Gods Word says.  The Bible teaches we are to judge those who are within the church and not to judge the world.  Norval is wrong twice in the first ten minutes of this video.  Be cautious of this deceiver.

  3. There are many good insights by Norvel Hayest, but where in Scriptures does it say that if you speak out against a preacher that you will die?  I don't believe it.  Some pastors are wolves in sheeo's clothing, just as Messiah warned us about.  You do not have to attack anyone on a personal level, but sometimes people need to be warned away from what they teach.  Messiah reprimanded some of the Pharisees extremely sternly.  Peter accused them of crucifying the Son of Glory.  Paul even spoke out against Peter.I can't listen to his vidcs anymore because I keep cringing at the way he calls people "squirrely" and "flaky".  When the Holt Spirit convicts us He is gentle.  He never calls us names.

  4. Among the faith preachers, Norwal Hazes preach with clearity, with boldness and straight to the point. I am stirrup everytime when I listen to his preaching.


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