11/23/2017 Frederick K.C. Price Sermons: How To Develop Your Faith HD01

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  1. This is a man of God. God loves him and he is not in hell. Whenever you become wealthy by the power of God, the bible tells us there is persecution. Because you become of great influence. The devil does not want you to be of influence thus must keep you poor. Poverty is a curse and we God's children have been redeemed. Lots of jealous people living comments because they hear from satan. This man shall go to heaven. No doubt about that. God just said so.

  2. Apostle price was my Friday night preacher with a funny &serious side to the word of god he's my spiritual guardian angel he taught all christians how to follow the word of god &how to live a saved life…!

  3. This man thinks he lives on planet Earth this man is under a strong delusion but sadly to say this man has passed away in 2021 he is in hell he never believed the gospel what a shame what avanity all his life associated with Christianity was pure vanity

  4. Let's do this man is rich but he didn't take his riches home this man is burning in Hell is Home is hell and he will be there for at least a thousand years and then she'll be resurrected again to stand trial this man is with the Billy Graham in hell


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