10 Truths to Set You Free From Fear And Worry | Joseph Prince

Find yourself worried about the current situation? The lockdowns that have affected your job, local businesses, your ability to provide for your family? Wondering how you’re even going to make it through the rollercoaster that 2020 has turned out to be?

While it seems the “new normal” is for fear and worry to riddle our hearts , we want you to know that that doesn’t have to be the case. Fear is NOT your new normal, child of God, and it cannot have a hold on you.

We’ve put together a compilation of reminders that we believe will bless you. Allow God’s truth and His promises of peace to anchor you even in the midst of any challenging circumstances, fear or bad news that might be keeping you up at night with worry.

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Comment (17)

  1. I tested positive in Covid19 last April 06, 2021. My mom got mild symptoms on April 19 and since then, everyday I wake up and sleep with a heavy heart because of worry and fear. But the last line, "You still have those symptoms in your body, but the Father says to you, Sit until I make these enemies your footstool." encouraged me a lot. I am now more confident that God will heal us and he will protect us and no enemy can harm us.

  2. Mary Magdalene was certainly not a prostitute. If 7 demons were cast out of a man would we call him a male prostitute? No. Why is everything sexualized for women?

  3. I'm doctoring right now but I trust the Lord to take me through this. He is always at our side. Have hope and commit your life to Him. I lean on His strength which upholds my weaker strength. You are not slone.


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