04 Norvel Hayes 'Testimony

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  1. “I pray in the name of tHE LORD JESUS somehow this message gets to norval Hayes if he is here or with the LORD let it be so for nothing is to hard for the LORD – as here or there seen or unseen belongs to the realm of the LORD – let it be seen by his daughter or his family on the feel of them that carry the good news, strange as they may appear , and as lightening as they disappear , I pray only the LORD they fear ..

    Choose from all that I have,’ said Thingol, ‘save only Aranrúth, my own.’

    Then Beleg chose Anglachel;
    and that was a sword
    of great fame,
    and it was so named
    because it was made of iron that fell from
    heaven as

    it would

    all earth-dolven iron.

    One other sword

    in Middle-earth was like to it.

    That sword does not enter into
    this tale,
    though it was made of the same
    ore by the same smith;
    John 20:21

    and that smith was Eöl the __ ____, who took Aredhel Turgon’s sister to wife. He gave Anglachel to Thingol as fee, which he begrudged, for leave to dwell in Nan Elmoth;
    but the other sword, Anguirel,
    its mate, he kept, until it was stolen from him by Maeglin, his son.

    But as Thingol turned
    the hilt of Anglachel towards Beleg,
    Melian looked at the blade;
    and she said: ‘
    There is malice in this sword.
    The heart of the smith still dwells in it, and that heart was dark.
    It will not love the hand that it serves;
    neither will it abide with you long.’

    ‘Nonetheless I will wield it while I may,’
    said Beleg;
    and thanking the king he took the sword and departed.”

    Christopher Tolkien – whom the Angels or the LORD touch and reside beside taken the works of his father to bring into this world , JRR Tolkien—-
    From the colllection —-

  2. thank u so much for posting these. even though these great men of God have gone home, the revelations they received will always remain!❤️

  3. Great message and testimony. However, not to make a big issue out of it, as I LOVE Norvel Hayes, since he's one of my all-time favorite men of God, along with brother Hagin…but according to Kenneth E. Hagin's own book: I Believe In Visions Chapter 7: A Hospital Visitor, Jesus appeared to him in his hospital room in Feb 1959, saying that he hadn't been prophesying like he was supposed to, and as a result, wouldn't have lived past the age of 55, which brother Hagin was 41 at that time, being born in Aug 1917. Norvel said, starting at 49:55 that brother Hagin was 48 yrs old and only had 7 more years…that is incorrect…or the book is wrong. I believe the likelihood is that Norvel got this part wrong.

  4. I really respect Bro Norvel Hayes. He has helped me with my own ministry! I have always believed as a child that we can have the same power exercised in the Gospel accounts. No one has ever taught or re- enforced it that yes it is so!  Now I'm very happy in Christ.  I know who I am in Jesus! I have also understood that we have power over demons, and God wants us to use this authority to cast them out! Blessed be God for ever! Bro. may the Lord continue to bless you for the good works that you do in His Mighty Name. Amen


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