03.29.2020 | The River Church Live | Sunday AM

WE ARE LIVE! Tune in to our Sunday Morning “Main Event” Service with Pastors Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne! #ChurchWithADifference #TheMainEvent

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This message was recorded live at The River Church in Tampa, Florida. For more information about the ministries of Pastors Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne, visit http://www.revival.com

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Comment (46)

  1. We are quick to judge this man for saying the toilet paper will continue to multiply, but we believe the miracle of Jesus multiplying fish and bread and the teaching that we can do greater things than him? Woe to us. God, take away unbelief!

  2. A true Christian knows that God is bigger. You honor God he is going to honor you. A true Christian is not afraid of death. Jesus is life! Peter denied Jesus 3 times. He was afraid. When you have true faith there is no room for fear.

  3. IF THIS ANGER ME SO MUCH, HOW MUCH MORE DOES IT ANGER GOD! These charlatan, false teachers deserved to be judged. They are exactly what the Bible warns us about. He does NOT preach the real Gospel and he's in it for gain $$$$, as evidenced by putting his flock at risk. May God JUDGE him.

  4. Separating wheat from the chaff !!! This Is great test for the church ! Keep up the good work pastor . Now we see who has real faith and who is full of fear . Those are the same people who probably will deny their faith when faced with death …

  5. Be it know that the Constitution of the United States will overrule the emergency administrative orders of the sheriff of Hillsboro county,tampa,florida.

  6. Thank God for this courageous Christian. Thanks to non-Christian journalists unwittingly helping him communicate truth about ridiculous panic over COVID-19. Reminds me of ancient non-Christians whose writings ended up supporting the veracity of the New Testament's content.

  7. Praise the Lord for a bold ministry! I pray Lord let Your FIRE fall in these services! Let there be another wave of healing revival released in Jesus' name!!!!!! I will keep you in my prayers Pastor Rodney!

  8. This is why the USA is in big trouble, thanks to Trump and company people think it is not that bad so we can go to church, GOD won't save them.
    Canada and Mexico should close its borders to Americans the real threat ignorant holy rollers.

  9. PRAISE GOD SOMEONE IS TAKING A STAND! Church doors should NEVER be closed. Before you dispute, read Psalm 91. It's either we believe God's Word or we don't. And if people don't believe His Word, they have a bigger problem than COVID. Wake up Church! Rise and Shine!

  10. Looks like a death cult to me. Practice your religion at home retards. It's a pandemic and understanding the seriousness of these times are clearly beyond you.

  11. It's about faith, for many who don't understand it you will be angry. It's frustrating as someone who is faithful who fears that these people may be harmed by this but, they are doing something for all the rest of you in this world who are witnessing the Lord's message due to their services & performances that they shared to the world. And you can call it insanity or blind faith but I call it courage. No machine can stop a virus with a 6 ft radius period or through touch. I couldn't put my family at risk like this, but their courage gives many solace. I listen to their performance this morning and it gives me a little hope, and although I cannot agree with their actions I mutually respect them. Stay home faithful and I encourage pastors and priests to continue online services.


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