02 Norvel Hayes – Speak to your mountain!

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  1. I have listened to these messages many times and every time, God imparts something new to me. I’ve followed Brother Norval since the 80’s. These messages are always refreshing and anointed.. I don’t know of anyone alive presently that ministers the Word like Brother Norval.. and honestly that’s sad.
    The church needs to wake up and get away from tight jeans, light shows and fog machines…. help us Jesus.

  2. I have been applying these principles since I have heard Norvels teaching and it works! head ache disappeared just now. Thank you Jesu,for his keys to the kingdom.

  3. In the scripture is his cast a minute into the sea was bone on earth is bound in heaven was so somethings 11 that is for gentry beginning level but beyond the bishop it contains a live on it of today so when Jesus is today you should be with me in heaven today when you read that scripture you can go into heaven if the Holy Spirit can lift or whip that word into a special meaning or special understanding and each day it translates itself for example today cash them out into the sea in the UNT it will be hard with the idea and the CSEA would be the problem qaS the heart or your idea into the problem

  4. My name is Stephen I’m using my sisters phone when we think of things in the Bible think of things has been thawed so when we confess confess and something that is a thing to go work for us also we were dealing with powers that are stealing from us are trying to get us to break it to Commandments were dealing with thoughts but these thoughts or things they can flow through or body or being the word and human is a slap to God’s favor and face

  5. Unfortunately we don't see this type of General in the body anymore. Just turn on Christian television and you'll see what i mean. But, thank God for the remnants ❤

  6. Visited him today – GOD IS Good. I pray all his seeds sewn produce greatly & return to BLESS him – Thank You, LORD JESUS for Your Ministry through Brother Norvel Hayes.

  7. i was powerfully saved following Bob Tilton's prayer on the radio in 1985.  I eventually went to Rhema grade '92, was ordained and have been in ministry of what kind or another for years. I know Bob Tilton had a fall..,but God used him in my life and the lives of many…

  8. Thank God for teaching like this which doesn't contain the poison of politics. So many prominent teachers these days focus as much effort on spreading of their political views as they do spreading the gospel. I'm am not saying they don't have the right to hold or express their views but like Ecclesiastes 3 says,"To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven."


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