02 Charles Capps – Laws Of Faith 2

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  1. This is error to magnify the man Paul as a man and redirect you away from this TRUTH >" All scripture is given by inspiration of God".. TRUTH IS , that the word of god IS the agent with which THE WORD is saturated with the substance of faith,; THE WORD OF GOD IS THE AGENT THROUGH WHICH FAITH COMES.
    of faith Charles Capps is tryin to justify is how do yo uget faith from God's word that isnt specific to your need, like obtaining land houses church buildings etc. NOTICE Romans8:32 which says "God who did not spare His Son but delivered Him up for us all. how shall He not through Him also gives us all things? iT IS FIRST AND FORE-MOSTLY IMPORTANT to seek the things of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness which is in righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED. What things, the things needful for the body. NOTWITHSTANDING the Holy Spirit will always give you what God leads YOU INTO; THAT PERTAINS TO ministry

  2. What he says about how making confessions helps your faith-life clarifies another scripture. Paul says that he that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth — charges himself like a battery– : when you speak in tongues your spirit hears those words. Confessions are like spiritual supplements!

  3. Love, Love listening to Pastor Capps! I listen to his videos every day, just wish he was still here with us so he could keep pastoring to me but I know he is in Heaven now…his Love for the Lord and his knowledge has been a real Blessing to me!


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