01 Lester Sumrall – Alien Entities 01 WOF

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  1. I actually had an experience with those dark alien powers years ago and it was right before I was saved. After I was saved I thought maybe I imagined all that or I was given delusions because of my sins. God lead me to this to realize what I experienced truly happened. They tried to kill me and failed.. I'm completely devoted to Jesus and have chosen to spend all the days of my life serving him in close relationship. I struggle with injuries from my years of living in sin but Jesus gets me through and I believe he will heal my past wounds.. God turned off my ability to see all the beings I saw most my life. But believe me they are real they exist and ill never forget.. Rebuke them in Jesus's name. We are at war against hell not each other..

  2. There is a difference between Angel's and demons.
    Angel's have a flesh body, even fallen angels.
    Demons do not have a flesh body. Jesus called them unclean spirits.
    A demon is a dead nephilim.

  3. Many times I have watched criminal documentary and they talk about aliens how they promised them bizzare stuff and made them kill pipo and I thought that they just wanted to get away with their crime

  4. TRUTH….Everything unexplained is UFO's Evil Demons… and all the TV Satanic Evil Shows, Ghost Demons, Witchcraft Shows….Zombies Eating Human Flesh-Blood and the MSM News LIES LIES LIES

  5. And to think most Christian churches REFUSE to teach on spiritual warfare!

    That leaves Christians helpless to fight evil!

    "My people (God's people, not unbelievers!) perish for a lack of knowledge."

  6. thank you for these teachings and blessings , And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7 )

  7. There is no such thing as ALIENS. They are DEMONS or demonic beings created using OUR DNA if they are flesh. They are evil and should never be trusted. If you study 'alien' abductions, you will find that the only ones who are released quickly are those who PRAISE JESUS. Praising Jesus makes demons flee. It's a shame that our corrupt and evil government has made deals with these entities and are serving them.

  8. Thanks for posting these teachings by Dr. Sumrall. He was ahead of the game on the whole UFO issue, they are nothing more than demonic inter-dimensional beings.


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